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Absorption fridge not working despite both 12v and mains elements

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Absorption fridge not working despite both 12v and mains elements heating up and gas burner working fine.
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When this is on 240v and you can feel the heat at the back, does the fridge cool at all? The ice box will get cold first?
How old is this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
14 years old. Back of fridge heats up on all settings ie gas,12v and 240v.
Hi Tony
Bad news im afraid

The cooling unit is a sealed system on the back of the fridge. Heat is applied by a 12v/mains v element or a gas burner This has a reaction with the ammonia and hydrogen in the unit.

It rises in the unit and causes the refrigerant to cool the ice box first

Just like pipework with water in it, these small pipes can get furred up

Bits of this can break off causing blockages in the pipework, resulting in no cooling.

Alas it can be nothing else as it is the same on all 3 supplies. The unit is the only common part

Turning the fridge upside down, sometimes washes the blockage out, but it will still be in there and may cause it to block again

I am afraid that the cooling unit is very expensive, and on an appliance of this age, would not be a cost effective repair.

Please dont shoot the messenger!!

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. The unit has been working fine on gas and 12v but not on mains until I took it out to check the mains element since then it has failed on all three. Does this information change your diagnosis?
Hi Tony
Im afraid not

The only common thing on all three supplies is the cooling unit
Its quite common in a fridge of this age.....sorry

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