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We have an AEG OKO ARCTIS 2794GA freezer about 17 years old.

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We have an AEG OKO ARCTIS 2794GA freezer about 17 years old. Typ 73 FBA03 E No. 625 551 882 F No.###-##-####
It is all running Ok except that it is showing temperatures of between -9C and - 11C when it is set at -19C. Turning on the fast freeze button doesn't make it show any lower.
We have emptied and completely defrosted it several times and the temperature runs at -19 C when it is empty, but as soon as we transfer existing frozen food from our other freezer to it the temperature rises and won't go down again. Any ideas?
We see that an item shown above indicates this might be a faulty sensor so we have just ordered a freezer thermometer to check the true temperatures.
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries ~ the fact that you can put it on fast freeze (which just bye pass the thermostat/sensors control) would lead me to believe that there is another fault. However, what you must find out is what is actually the temperature within the freezer cavity. Once you have established this come back to me with some figures.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

We have now acquired a freezer thermometer, and tests have shown that the reading on the casing of the freezer is accurate, and matches the internal thermometer readings.

I have now switched the settings to -24C and the empty freezer has been running at that temperature for two days.

We have now transferred the freezer goods back into the cabinet and after two days the temperature is showing -11C.

It is obviously possible that the temperatures in the other freezers are not so low, hence there will be a delay whilst the goods adjust to the AEG freezer, but how long is it reasonable to wait for the operating temp to go down to match the setting of -24C ?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It is now 4 days since we loaded the freezer and the temperature is registering between -9C and -11C still. What is wrong and Is this food safe to eat?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

You still haven't answered my question. I sent you two replies and you haven't even acknowledged them.

With regard to the food whilst it is suggested that food is keep between -15 to -18C all that refrigeration is doing is slowing the deterioration of the product down. As it has not fully defrosted it should be safe to continue to use the stored food. With regard to the system, it would appear from what you have told me that the system is unable to keep the product within the limits set once loaded but will keep things cool when empty. Obviously the load on the system is greater when having to maintain food at a lower temperature. Is the displayed temperature backed up by the thermometer that you bought? My view is that you either have a failing compressor or you are slightly short of refrigerant and both cases you will require the services of a refrigeration engineer as he will need to check the pressures inside the system. Can you advise which refrigerant is used in your appliance R12, R134a or R600a?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The Freezer has now finally got down to -24C, but it took 6 days to get there. Thanks for your help. We shall watch it closely in future.

I would do that, what you have stated reinforces my thoughts that the compressor is failing and you may need to keep a close eye on the temps.