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Bosch WFF 1401. Washes OK, pumps out OK (manually selected),

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Bosch WFF 1401.
Washes OK, pumps out OK (manually selected), but skips Spin-dry at end of programs.
Problem has slowly developed, previously was able to select a spin cycle and eventually it would work. But now refuses to spin-dry altogether.
iHello, my name is George..

Can you tell me the FULL ENER of the appliance please.. This will be on a label on the inside of the door opening

Kindly be patient whilst awaiting any responses from me as I'm not constantly available.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi George.

the full number is:

E-NR WFF 1401GB/01 FD7901 00370

I cleaned the "filter" last night, I did not believe this could be the problem but everyone seems to suggest to try this first. it was quite dirty, but it has had no effect on the problem. performed a wash this morning and again it skipped the pump-out and spin-dry cycle, leaving the machine half full of water. I did not have time to try to manually select a spin cycle, but guess this would not have worked anyway.


Thanks Tim..

You say "Washes OK, pumps out OK", can you tell me;

1. If you click the timer forward by one segment, does the program continue?
2. How long is it since the appliance was last serviced
3. At what point is the appliance pumps

I have to ask myself, if the appliance is pumping out ok, then why is the appliance half full of water when it stops
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

it pumps out ok if I select the pump-out program. It also seems to function perfectly durring the main part of the wash (and pre-wash) segments. Just when it gets towards the end it skips the last pump-out and the spin. ie it stops where it would if I had selected the "rinse hold". Only difference being the timer dial spins around to the end of the program.

Serviced? what's that?Smile Other than occasionally cleaning the filter, it does not get serviced. it just (until now) keeps on going without any problems!

I suspect the machine would continue if i click the timer forward, although not purposely tried this. i think yesterday i effectively did this by mistake when i closed the door with the start button depressed and it launched into a program by mistake.


Check the brushes in the motor, and check the heater... The brushes should be no shorter than 10mm to be safe.. and whilst doing that, clean any carbon from the commutator... Check the heater for earth leaks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

will do, i'll tackle it over the weekend. being so old there is a good chance the bushes are worn down, but would the motor still work OK on the wash cycle if this was the case?

So long as there is enough connection .. but short brushes can also lack of spin, even though tumbling is still evident
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Good morning George.

I stripped down the machine over the weekend and gave it a good service, cleaning all the pipework and de-scaling/ de-gunking the inside of the drum as much as I could.

The bushes are still about 25mm long and the commutator is now clean.

there is no earth leakage from the heating element that itself measures a resistance of around 26 ohms- this equates to around 2.2kw so I assume this about right.

After putting it all back together it did manage a pump and spin-dry cycle on it's first test run, but was unable to repeat this. At least it proved it can do it, it does not want to most of the time!

What is the likelihood of the problem resting with the timer/ control circuit board?

Am I likely to be able to get these as replacement parts?

and is this likely to be financially viable as a repair?



It does sound like the problem is with the timer... The timer is available (Power module 00261037, and it is in stock according to the Bosch website; but at a cost of £142

Try contacting the companies below to see if they can do a repair on it for you..
EMW Electronics
The Barn
Forest Road
NG25 0TD
NOVA electronics
700-702 Attercliffe Road
South Yorkshire S9 3RP
QER Ltd.
Quality House
Reedlands Rd
Cumbria CA14 3YF

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thanks for the leads on the repair companies. I may give them try, but looking at the offers on new machines at the same time. seems a shame to scrap it as it all looks to be in condition inside.


If you decide to discard the appliance; as an alternative to scrapping it there is Findmyrecycler