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My Zanussi DF 62/26 is running too cold! I have changed the

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My Zanussi DF 62/26 is running too cold! I have changed the thermostat (twice) and that has got the fridge running again, but now the fridge freezer is, I think, permanently on, and it is showing -4 degrees for the fridge and the freezer is probably running
too cold as well. I have turned the temperature knob to the minimum and I have checked that the sensor is touching the freezing plate (yes) - no improvement. What could the problem be? The new thermostat's sensor tube is about 6 inches longer than the old
one, which is discontinued and I have the one listed as its replacement by the manufacturer. I therefore tried coiling it in the thermostat container, and then I tried curving it gently round behind the freezing plate, but the results are the same - too cold.
What else can I check? Many thanks Stephanie
Hello, my name is George..
Can you tell me the PNC/Prod number of the appliance please
Kindly be patient whilst awaiting any responses from me as I'm not constantly available.
George-Allsorts and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi GeorgeThe product no is 925 60 01 39.Not to worry about speed of reply - I do have a small working fridge. I'm just trying to revive this old one to use instead, as it's better (when it works properly).Kind regardsStephanie
Thank you for the PNC number I can now have a look at the way your system is built.
The contact information requested by you is below:
Check the wiring on the thermostat to make sure that you have not wired it to be permanently on..
Looking at the diagrams for your appliance it seems that the build is pretty basic, and that short of the thermostat being wrongly connected, wrongly placed, or the appliance being short of refrigerant would make it stay on permanently..
If the appliance is short of refrigerant, or the the thermostat is wrongly placed, the thermostat never reaches the temperature that it expects to reach and therefore never switches the appliance off.
Ensure that the wiring is not placed in a manner to cause permanent power supply to the compressor, effectively by-passing the thermostat.
Also ensure that the bulb of the thermostat is not touching the plate, and that it protrudes 10mm out of the clamp.
The thermostat that you should be using is 50117492004
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi GeorgeAh, so the bulb should not touch the plate? I'll try that. It is protruding more than 10mm out of the clamp, so I can try changing that too.However, should the rest of the temperature sensor be touching the plate? I had understood that it needs to, otherwise it's measuring air temp rather than the plate temp, and this makes it run colder (as the air is warmer than the plate).I need to spend time listening to see if the fridge turns off at all. I'm not sure. If it's a refrigerant problem, there's nothing I can do as it's R12 gas so not available now.I think the wiring should be OK - I took each wire off the old thermostat individually and placed on the same terminal on the new one - and the terminal numbering was the same on both (3, 4, 6).I'll try fiddling with the temp probe a bit more and let you know!ThanksStpehanie
The bulb of the thermostat should be held inside a clamp and should be protruding 10mm out of the end... The bulb should also be held 6mm from the plate..
Have a look at the image at this link
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's fab - I'll try that now!Thanks, George.
Oki doki.. Hoping for good reports and excellent feedback :)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well, repositioning the bulb has resulted in fridge temp going from -4 to zero - still too cold. When I get time, I'll check all the other things you suggested and get back to you. I may be a couple of weeks as I've got work commitments coming up. I may have to continue the conversation after that! Thank you for your help so far!Stephanie
Ok.. Sometimes the fridge can read as 0 degs but once it has food in it the temperature rises slightly...
Chat to you on your return.