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I have an ancient (1986 ish) Neff single oven in brown.

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I have an ancient (1986 ish) Neff single oven in brown. The clock/timer has an intermittent fault which means it goes off from time to time, sometimes in the middle of cooking! I have to reset the clock each time to get it to restart the oven. I would buy a new oven but Neff don't make brown ovens now and Miele seem to be the only firm that does. I am not having any success in finding a replacement part ( I believe it to be 00085784). There must be someone somewhere who mends colck timers. can you help please/
Many thanks, *****
Hi Glenyse,May I have the model # ***** your oven?I am really sorry to hear about this problem.Thank youTech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello Michael

The model no. is GB 1031.11 LPCSGA

the E NR no. is 195 306 834

I had already contacted the spares people as I said, but my query relates to somebody, somwhere being able to repair the 'brains' of the clock/timer.There must be somebody!



Hi Glenyse,I would look for a local electronics handyman, someone who needs to make some money. It is definitely fixable, I usually fix these myself.Most companies would rather replace these now a days than repair them;-(it sounds like all you have is either a bad connector, one that has a contaminated connection.On these the fix ix going to be simple. I would open the unit if you can and unplug the connectors on the main control board, and spray the plugs with a solvent like WD-40 and connection ends and then reattach them. More than likely this will solve the problem you are having. If this is something you think you could do I will stick with you until this is done, but otherwise just look for a local handyman or appliance repair shop that is willing to just do this for you. Its not expensive and done quickly with only a few basic hand tools.If you are going to do the repair yourself I will help please in that case do not jump ahead as I can offer advice to make this go smoothly;-)I am here if you need me, please rate kindly at this time, it wont cost anything to rate and after you do that, you can ask me anything until this is fixed correctly and working as it should.Thank youTech Michael
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