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I have an Neff oven with the old timer being no:13137-005 typ

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I have an Neff oven with the old timer being no:13137-005 typ 311/100 t120. the new one is no: 13802-006D typ 316-80 t105. The wiring is a little different as the old one has 4 terminals where the new one has 6 terminals, also the new one has a transformer where the old one does not.
how do I wire the new into my oven please?
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Can you post the model number please.

Also can you post a picture of the back of the timer of both please.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

model number is ***** GB/01 7311 087502, I think.

do you have the photos?



Thanks for that.

I only have 1 photo, Is this the old or new timer?
Can you do the same for the other timer please.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

this is the old timer. It would not allow me to upload more than one photo.

Nex one on it's way

Ok thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

am I waiting?

Thanks for that. The new timer is for a two oven timer mode given theres 2 relays on there.

Is this a genuine timer?
Whats the part number on the box not the timer please.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Original from Neff Part no; 269416

Ok that is the correct part number for the model you have.

The two relays just means its a two oven timer so connect the live and neutral feed to the 2 tags above the transformer as thats the supply for the timer.

Then as to the other 2 wires on the relay just connect them up to either relay and retry the oven and test it on timer mode and see if the oven is switching on and off.

As ive just checked the Neff techincal data and theres nothing in there on the timer conversion. Sometimes manufactores like to alter parts and dont put a wiring conversion diagram on there so its a case of working it out on your own.

So aslong as the live and neutral feed goes above the transformer there and the other 2 going to one of the relays it wont cause any damage if its wrong as it wont short out. The oven just wont work correctly on auto mode.

So try that and see what happens and let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks very much. I'll try as you said and let you know.


***** *****

No worries.

Fingers crossed you get it rigth first try.

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