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Daniel, Home Appliance Technician
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This is regarding a Whirlpool ADG 175 fully integrated dishwasher

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This is regarding a Whirlpool ADG 175 fully integrated dishwasher with push button controls on the top leading edge of the door - you have to open the door to switch on / choose a program. Machine is 4 years old.
The problem occurred once a couple of months ago whereby the machine pumped out at the beginning of a normal wash cycle prior to filling ready for the pre-rinse and just carried on pumping without filling. I turned the machine off and back on at the mains and it seemed to sort itself out. This happened again this morning but the on/off trick didn't work. I know a little about machines from a few years back and immediately thought "Pressure switch"! Checked that and the tube leading to it for blockage - both fine. Then, as I was reassembling the machine I was reminded that I should have isolated the machine at the main by a shock from a terminal on the pressure switch. Fortunately the RCD saved me from anything serious and I completed the reassembly before re-instating the power. Now when I hit the on/off switch on the machine the pump just runs continuously without even selecting a program. I suspect the control panel needs to be reset. Do you agree and if so what is the procedure? Also could a temperamental control panel be the cause of the original problem? I would add that there are no signs of any leaks. Hope you can help. Thanks.

This dishwasher is one of the chinese built one and just badged up Whilrpool.

Are you getting any flashing lights on the control panel at the top?
If so then which light is flashing?

Also i know you said there wasnt any water leak in the base but did you check the flood switch in the base to make sure this wasnt stuck in the up position activating the flood switch?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Daniel

the only lights showing are the power on and low salt /rinse aid warning lights. We don't use either of these because we live in a very soft water area. Where is the flood switch located and how do I access it?


The flood switch is in the base. Its in a plastic holder oval shaped with a piece of polystrine in there.

Also what i have done is uploaded the service manual for you. Click the link below and then you can download and save it.

Click here

Towards the bottom it shows how to enter test mode and run the test cycle and retrive the error codes out of there. So you can try that as running the test program can sometimes reset the electronics in there.

But if after that its still the same with the pump running all the time and theres no water in the base and the flood switch is ok then its more then likely the control board in the door at fault here.

But try the test cycle and see what you find from there let me know.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.


The test program instructions refer to an auto program button but (call me thick if you like), I can't work out which button that is. Want to check if that resets things before starting to dig around in the base of the machine for the flood switch.


Ok on the programes on your dishwasher do you have an Auto programe?

As the thing with these service manuals are they generic so cover quite a few different models.

But to be honest its not a rest of the control board as you cannot reset them like you can with a computer. But just sometimes running a test cycle can clear the fault.

But going of the problem you are having with the pump running all the time its not a case of resetting it as something is casuing this fault.

As its either the flood switch in the base or the control board.

The best way to access the flood switch is lie the dishwasher on its back and remove the metal base cover and you can access it from there.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the machine has an on/off switch, 7 push button switches for the various programs and 2 other push buttons - 1 for time delay and the other for if you're using all-in-one tablets.

Ok i think on your model the auto program them me is the daily cycle.

But as i said above this isnt going to reset the control unit. Its either the float switch in the base or the control board itself.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Flood switch appears to be ok so I guess it's time to price up the new board, I'm assuming it's a fairly straightforward plugin job. Just a question of how much cheaper than a new machine a board is. Thanks for your help.