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I purchased a Hotpoint SIAL 11010 Aquarius dishwasher some

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I purchased a Hotpoint SIAL 11010 Aquarius dishwasher some weeks ago and it Kept tripping the 30A ring ring main fuze and RCD so I exchanged it for another one from the supplier, this was ok for about two weeks and is now showing the same problem every time we run any of the cycles and will do it at any point in the cycle totally random.
It is definitely the dishwasher as i have done the necessary isolating the rest of the house and just running the washer and nothing else trips out from that same plug point.
Is this a common problem with this model as it seems that I have now had two faulty units, I am about to take this one back as well. we have had previous dishwashers plugged in the same place with no problem, ANY SUGESTIONS ??

Where does the plug for the dishwasher go?

Is in in a cuboard under the sink?
If so then is there any signs of water leaking under there onto the plug socket?

As to be honest with you this kind of fault isnt that common in new dishwashers. It can happen in older models as the insulation breaks down and causes it ti leak to earth on the electrics side. But for 2 new dishwashers to do the same fault is quite rare.

But if the electrics are fine and there isnt any water leaking onto the plug then the issue is inside the dishwasher itself which is usually down to either afaulty heater or wash motor as they are the ones that usually cause this kind of fault you have.

But if you are returning it and getting a new one then fingers crossed the new one will be fine as i just cannot see you haveing a 3rd appliance go wrong as that will be very rare this happens.

If you have been put off by the model which i dont blame you as i would be you can always replace it for another brand and see how it goes from there.

But i will say its quite rare a new dishwasher fails and for 2 to go the same this is very very rare.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have just changed the dishwasher for a bosch and so far so good the electrics are away from any water and are unlikely to get damp unless the dishwasher leaked up the wall at the back.

if I have any more of this problem it obviously is some other problem but I am sure it is a faulty batch of hotpoints but we will see.

Thanks for your advice I know it was a bit of a tricky one.

I must admit they didn't seem very surprised at the shop I got the feeling I was not the first!!

Thanks again,