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Indie sit washing machine. My wife said she heard a bang.

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Hi, indie sit washing machine. My wife said she heard a bang. Tripped electricity. Put it back on and appeared to work. Carried on cycle and counted down timer. Stayed one minute to go until I had to switch off. Wanted hadn,t drained. Put on another cycle and got F7 error code.
Cleaned pump. Checked code which said header relay stuck.
Q - could this code also mean element
Is it more likely to be the circuit board (relay) given the bang.
Will a technition be able to replace the relay.
Thanks - John.

F07 error code is more of a heater problem itself as F08 error code is a heater relay fault.

Now it can still be the control board for this given it went bang but if you have a multi meter you can check the heater and see if this is faulty.

Pull the washer out and remove the back panel. There you will see the heater in the back of the drum. Check the wires are still attched to it there.
Also with your multi meter check the resistance of the heater and see if faulty. It should read about 28 Ohms. If faulty then you need to replace the heater.

But if the heater and wiring are both fine then the control board at the back is the issue here and will need to be replaced and reprogammed up to cure this. But a control board is an expensive repair as you need to get Indesit in as the boards need to be programmed up with there laptop unless you can get a second hand board of the same model washer.

But check the heater first as for the F07 most of the time its the heater rather then the control board for this code.

If you need anymore info just get back to me.

Daniel and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, thanks for the info. what about the fact that the cycle not ending and just repeating itself (fills up and just goes round). Would this suggest the other parts of the circuit are damaged.

Thanks - John

If you have a heating fault then it wont complete the cycle . As the wash cycle is programed to reach a certain temperture then it can carry on. If it doesnt reach temperture then it wont complete the cycle and sticks on cycle.

So a faulty heater will cause this on its own but as i said if the heater and wiring to it are fine then its the control board. Thats the only parts in there that will cause this.

Just wondering how you got on with this as the question is still open.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your help. new machine needed. Regards