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Kevin. AWM 9000 is showing fault code F14. Whichever program

Customer Question

Hi Kevin. AWM 9000 is showing fault code F14. Whichever program selected there is no lasting action. At times as I try to reset by cancelling and reprograming, it will attempt to fill and has attempts at turning thr drum, but very shorts attempts before resorting to the fault code 14. greatly appreciated. Any help appreciated, Pat
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 2 years ago.
Hi Pat, welcome to Just answer .... as you know F14 in this washer is EEPROM error which is generally caused due to a bad control board... if you have not replaced it I recommend that you should replace it with a new one ... let me know how it goes
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
H Kevin,
Identify the "control board" for me please.
What I thought of as the main control unit positioned at the top rear of the machine, has been replaced (in error, as it turns out) as has the PCB at the front of the machine which is the switching control board.
The only other board that I am aware of is the motor control board on the side of the base frame?
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 2 years ago.
It is the PCB that has to be replaced .... a new one will cost £150, if the washer is too old it is better to buy a new one then to replace the board
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Kevin, I have asked you to identify where in the machine the "control board" is?
You have answered that the "PCB has to be replaced".
There are three PCBs in the machine, positioned as I describe in the last mail to you.
Please identify where the board is the you advise is at fault and please give me the reason for your diagnosis.
I have asked for "expert" advise on what is causing the malfunction of the machine and not advise on whether I should carry out the repair.
If you are not in a position to give me "expert" information, please refer mt question to a technician who can. Thank you.
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 2 years ago.
Well there is just one PCB with a EEPROM on it ( not the main board and not the motor control board which you already know) I believe I have provided "EXPERT" advise to you ... if you want more information about exact location then please get back with its complete model number and PNC number of your washer