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The back wall of my Siemens fridge-freezer in the fridge section

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The back wall of my Siemens fridge-freezer in the fridge section is icing up into a sheet.
The fridge-freezer appears to be working ok. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post the model number please. Its normally on a sticker on the inside of the fridge behind the saladbox and starts E-nr.

Also how old id the appliance?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I think the model number is ***** and I think it is about 5 years old.

The model number starts E-nr. Can you see the rating plate inside the fridge?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

NR 28Vo2-GB/03


I sorry that number just isnt comming up on the siemens database.

Lets leve the model number for now. As to the ice on the back wall inside the fridge is the ice thick?

Do the contents inside the fridge freeze?

Have you ever noticed the ice before?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It is a sheet about 1/4 inches thick. Only the time I defrosted the fridge on Saturday. I have another number SUH(###) ###-####and FD 7509/21086

Ok is the ice all over the back wall top to bottom?

Sorry for the question as without the model number it makes it harder to know what kind of appliance this is.

As some are full frost free and others are what they call a wet wall fridge which does ice up as thats how the fridge cools.

Back to the model number are you able to take a picture of the rating plate and upload it here?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

so sorry but I cannot do that at present. The ice is pretty well all over in a sheet form but does not reach the top of the fridge. Please don't worry, I will contact Siemens in the UK

Ok thats fine just want to confirm if its frost free or a wet wall fridge.

From what you say the this fridge is a wet wall so the back wall ices up and then melts away and so on.

If you have a thick layer if ice in there forming then the thermostat isnt switching off causing the compressor to run longer and this creates too much ice on the back wall. But normally when this happens you tend to find it freezes stuff up inside the fridge.

If you have a fast freeze button on this then just check this isnt turned on as that can also cause the fridge to ice to much as well.

But if thats not the case and its creating more ice then its more then likely the thermostat at fault which will need to be replaced to cure this.

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