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You just answered my question on the Powermax system. I

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Hi, you just helpfully answered my question on the Powermax system. I wondered if you can advise if the Mains 25 Eco is a good combi boiler or not? It is for a rental house that is let to tenants, 3 bed semi with an ensuite and main bathroom. This is the one that has been recommended by the plumber who has been out to quote. The other question is - the current location of the Powermax is in a cupboard in the main bedroom so the plumber is trying to find another location. He said it can stay there or be located in the front store shed outside the house. I thought this was very odd and not even sure if it is right or legal? Can you please advise.

Hi . main boilers are excellent . fitted loads with no problems. Made by back potterton , they use tried and tested technology . good mid range option. Cupboard is fine. Out door store is OK as long as dry, however it would need a frost stat fitted next to the boiler too, and if the flue would be reachable by hand it would need a grill cover

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your reply. I've now been told by another guy who that it's not worth trying to save money by buying a Mains boiler as there is no warranty whereas a Vaillant can get 10 years warranty.

In your opinion, would you say the additional warranty justifies the cost difference?


Hi . the main boiler gives only a year with the option to pay for a yearly plan . the vailant boiler may be an extra£500 , so its saying up the extra initial cost with paying for warranty extension. The vailant boilers are the top recommended boilers , so if you can afford it ,it is worth going for that option .
However one thing to remember is that for the warranty to be applicable the boiler will have to be serviced every year and the service book filled in.
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