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I have an AEG Lavatherm 56800 condenser drier. PNC is *91601202400 It has an intermi

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Hi, I have an AEG Lavatherm 56800 condenser drier. PNC is *91601202400
It has an intermittent fault where it runs for a while, then just starts beeping with the end light flashing and hasn't done any actual drying. Most of the time it's fine, but definitely doesn't like drying more than one load at a time.
I've done the thing with the buttons and knob and believe that the stored error code is E62 (end led flashes in groups of 6 and start/pause in groups of 2)
Any ideas of what's wrong and whether it's fixable?

E62 is a heating error code.

The first thing to check is the condenser chamber at the bottom. Pull this out and give it a good clean with a hose pipe untill its clear and you can see daylight through it.

If thats fine then you are left with either the heater or the control board. As you say it does work for one load then the heater itself will be fine as a heater either works or it doesnt. But on the back of the heater are the thermostats. These can play up. What you need to do is when it stops heating remove the back cover and remove the heater and turn it over. There you will see 2 thermostats. Test both with a multi meter and if any are faulty then the heater will need to be replaced as the thermostats come part of the heater.

But if the heater is fine and the condenser chamber is clear as well then im afraid this is more then likely a control board fault. As there is a heater relay in there which can stick and cause this kind of fault.

So for either of them it is fixable but isnt cheap. As a heater is around the £80 mark and the control board itself is about £150 plus labour if getting someone in so can be an expensive repair.

You can try British Gas as they do a fixed price repair for £125 all in so thats all it will cost you for the fix so that is an option you have here as well.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks, ***** ***** plausible, so I'll get on to it