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I have a Bosch WFD 2573 washing machine. It is evidently

Customer Question

Hi, I have a Bosch WFD 2573 washing machine. It is evidently full of mould in the outer drum. I want to know what the steps are to gain access to the outer drum to give it a thorough clean. I have tried running maintenance washes but it is still depositing lots of brown specks on clothes. Thanks!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Does the washer seem to be getting hot on the wash cycle?

If you set it to a boil wash do you feel the front of the washer getting hot?
Also when you use the cleaner to clean the drum do you set it to the hotteset wash cycle?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes, the heating element is fine.

I'm sure it's caked gunge and limescale but I intend to clean the lot when I take it apart (if I can do so).

When trying to clean (which I have done a large number of times, over a few years) I use the hottest wash and have tried a number of washing machine cleaners (from limescale removal liquids to washing machine cleaning liquids and powders to vinegar and to bleach) and each time, the gunge gets worse for a while and then reduces to the same level as before.

Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Ok on this model you can split the drum. Not the easyist thing to do as you need to completely remove the top, front panel and back cover.

From there you need to remove everything from the drum and then you can remove it from the cabinet.
Then you will see either screws all around the center of the drum if so remove them.
If theres no screws then the drum will be clipped together. Now this is hard to remove as you need to try and release the clips on the drum to remove the front section away as they are fitted in tight. Fingers crossed its the screwed version. That way you can strip it down and clean.

But to be honest the washing machine cleaners usually clear it. As if its bad what i recommend is run the cleaners through it each day for 3 days and set in the hottest wash cycle.
Then give it a few days and run another 2 again and then do it every 4 weeks and this will stop it from happening again. It usually takes quite a few cleaners to clear it but it usually does the trick so if you havent tried it like this then try it over the next week with doing about 5 of them as this usually clears it from there.

But if it wont go then you can try the above and clean it that way. But im pretty sure the cleaners will clear it doing it this way.