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Fridge-Freezer model Cata BIFF70FFA Has stopped freezing

Customer Question

Fridge-Freezer model Cata BIFF70FFA Has stopped freezing food. The fridge seems to be working fine, and the top of the freezer has frost on it. I scraped off all the frost about a week ago and put a small plastic cop of water in to test if it was working,
and it didn't freeze. The frost has built back up again now, and it's beginning to get noisy. I bought it in 2013, it went wrong in 2014 (same thing) and had it repaired under warranty. Now it's out of warranty they want an absolute fortune to repair it (and
renew the warranty which I have no choice over). I'm an electronic engineer and a keen DIYer, so confident in replacing parts, but I lack the experience in refridgeration to understand what the problem is!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Are you able to access the back of the appliance?
If so then if you feel the compressor at the back at the bottom is it hot to touch?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not easilly. It's an integrated FF. When it comes to working on it I'll take it out (if needed) and crack on, but until then this is still being used as a fridge, so I'm reluctant to decommision it until I really need to.To make it even more difficult, to the immediate right hand side of the FF is a wall. It makes it difficult to be anything other than a one-man job to get it out as you can't get one man each side.I have done it a couple of times, but it is a pain!I was kind of hoping for someone to say "Oh, I know that problem! All it needs is a ...."When this went wrong before (in the same manner) the engineer managed to repair it from the front without having to take it out.I'm going to call the warranty people again tomorrow as there is a chance it may be under warranty still. They told me it wasn't, as I bought it in May 2013. I just accepted that. I now remember that whilst that is true, it wasn't delivered until 15th Novermber 2013, wasn't installed until December 2013, and it had a 2 year warranty.Common sense would say that the warranty shouldn't start until it is installed i.e. starting to be worn out, however I could see them arguing it starting when it was delivered. I can't see any situation where the warranty would start months before I even have the goods!
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Ok on this model as you say the fridge is working then its more then likely the compressor at the back. As this model isnt a frost free so it will only have a thermostat or a compressor.

As the fridge is working then the thermostat is fine so this is looking like the compressor is the fault.

Now this isnt a diy repair as you need to correct tools and equipment to be able to replace the compressor and regas it back up. But this isnt a cheap fix as if you were to pay for it you are looking at about the £250 mark.
As when you get a poor pumping compressor you find eithe the fridge section or the freezer will work but not both. But sooner rather then later the fridge will go off as well im afraid.

But give them a bell as the warrenty actually starts from the date of delivery not when you brought it or installed it. Its from the date it was delivered. So if you have the deliver note still get them out. But as you say it was delivered in November and it has a 2 year warrenty then its covered as all manufactories state the warrenty starts from date of delivery.