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Potterton Profile 60e. When I turn the water heater section

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Potterton Profile 60e. When I turn the water heater section on from cold, there is an immediate noise as if the system needs bleeding, you can hear water gurgulling through the pump etc. I say this as the water has not had chance to heat up. If this is the case how do I bleed it as when the radiators are on, they are all hot?
Hi , you will need a radiator bleed key, to open the radiator bleeds slightly till air or water comes out , then close.sometimes the radiators feel hotveven though they have some air in .
Gurglingvthough suggests quite a bit of air . look for bleed valves on the pipework by the hot water tank or in the loft. Check the central heating header tank has water in it ( small tank ).getting rid of the air is essential as the pump can run dry and burn out .
A technique I use is to find all the bleeds ( may be one above the boiler as well as the places I already mentioned) and rads, then turn on the hot water / heating for a few seconds to push more air round , continue this till the gurgling stops
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Thanks for the information. I checked out the header tank today and found it had a lot of sediment and a brown type coating on the bottom of the tank. I cleaned it all out plus the pipework up to the gate valve and hope it has not blocked a bend as the pipe nears the water tank. I bled the radiators only as I can't find any more bleed points and even with the system running, the water seamed to come out slowly. I will have another look tomorrow and see if I can get some more air out. I am sure your information will sort things out.

Hi , you might need a power flush from 300 at .