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TEKA BUILT IN FRIDGE: MODEL A-FLBU145 Not cooling properly

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Not cooling properly - have cleared dust from underneath (condenser coil ? - compressor seems OK as it hums away but fridge won't cool below 10/11 C.
Faulty thermostat ? (wire from thermostat to circular sensor ? on back wall bit rusty where exposed).
Is replacement thermostat available / where from / how much ? (could fit myself).
Would appreciate some advice.
Many thanks.
Sorry this isnt good news. Replacing the thermostat wont fix this at all.
As all the thermostat does is brings the compressor on and once its cold it turns it off.
As you say the compressor is running then thermostat is doing it job. The compressor just isnt doing its job in the cooling.
Im afraid this will be either a poor pumping compressor (more likely), Or its short of gas.
For either of these you need to get a fridge engineer in as this isnt a diy repair.
But its not going to be a cheap fix as well. As a regas is about £140 and a compressor replacment is about £250 so not really worth fixing.
Sorry its not good news but there no point in replacing the thermostat as this will just be a waste of money as it wont make any difference at all.
If you need anymore info just get back to me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Disappointed with your reply. Not wishing to doubt your expertise, I was under the impression that the numbered dial was connected to the thermostat & therefore controlled the temperature ! Could you recommend a fridge engineer in the Coventry area to check it out for me ? - or in your opinion what would be my best value for money replacement option, TEKA or A N Other ? - where to buy ? - & could I fit a new unit myself ?
How a thermostat works is when it needs cooling it brings the compressor on. Once its cold enough then the thermostat switches off the compressor. So its the compressot that does the cooling.
So you are right in the thermostat controls the cooling. So as you say the compressor is running then the thermostat is telling the compressor to run. So if it was working as it should then it will get cold. As its not getting cold enough then the compressor isnt doing its job there for the thermostat cannot control the cooling as there isnt due to the compressot but pumping the gas around the system to do the cooling.
As for an engineer in coventy im afraid i dont know any as im up north near the lakes. But compressor replacments are expensive and usually not worth it unless the appliance is only a few years on as you are looking at about the £250 mark. As for fitting yourself it isnt a diy repair as you need the tools and equipment to do this and the skill as i spent 1 year on collage and on the job training to be able to repair fridge systems as its not an easy thing to fit if you dont know how.
But trust me if the compressor is running but there no cooling then the thermostat isnt the fault its a system fault. Ive been doing fridge repairs for just over 20 years so im 100% sure on this fault.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK, but you didn't answer my last point. In your opinion what would be my best value for money fridge replacement option, TEKA or A N Other ? - where to buy ? - could I fit myself ?
Hi Sorry my fault when you said could you replace yourself i thought you ment the compressor but now i reliase you ment the new appliance. Yes you should be able to install a new appliance as they are all the same size and will come with a fitting kit for putting the wooden door on so its usually not that bad if you are handy at diy things. As to weather its worth fixing personally i wouldnt as a system fault always weaken the system once repair so theres no way of knowing if the fix will last a while or not soi would just replace it with a new appliance. As to replacing it with another Teka appliance then thats upto yourself as to be honest theres not much differece between all the makes on an under counter fridge as the likes of Teka, Bosch and other brands dont actually make the compressors they are all made by outside sources and just assasbled by the manufacories. So personally i would just go for any built under fridge thats a decent price no matter the make as they are all pretty much the same. As to a place to buy ive used A0.COM in the past as they are fast with deliver and are decent with prices so see what you find on there. They have a decent indesit for £250 click here Regards
Daniel and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Your very welcome.