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I've just fitted a new door seal to my wvt12840gg/03 washing

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Hi, I've just fitted a new door seal to my wvt12840gg/03 washing machine and on switching it back on the machine is completely filling with water and a code e 05 is coming up.there are no kinks in either the filler pipe or the discharge pipe.having to switch the program to drain and spin to empty, have done this twice, bet it seems that when I put the machine on easy care 30degrees the machine just keeps filling! Any ideas? Thanks

When you say it keeps filling is the water level going way above the door?

Also when you replaced the door seal did you remove the top and the front panel?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, never sat and watched the machine filling before, but as it's a integrated appliance I watched it with the door open, and yes it's filling right to the top of the drum which I don't think is correct. On replacing the door seal I only removed the front facia and the front the moment I now have the top panel off.
Hi Ok i think the pressure hose on the pressure switch may have come off while you was fitting the door seal so this cause the washer to over fill like this. What you need to do is with the top off locate the pressure switch. Its a round switch with a few wires on there and there should be a thin hose going to the bottom of it.Check that hose is pushed on there. If it is then remove the hose and blow hard through it.Also inspect the hose and see if theres a split in there or a hole as this can also cause it to overfill. If there is then wrap a pipe of tape tight around it and see how it goes. Check that and see what you find as the sounds of this its possibley either the pressure hose is off or its split. Let me know how it goes. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi,looked down the machine from above, can't see what you have described but have noticed a black pipe about half an inch in diameter laying at the bottom, looks like it's a push fit, but I've laid the machine on it's side and removed the bottom plate but still can't see where it goes,any ideas!
Thats the pressure hose so it has come off the pressure switch so you need to refit that back onto the pressure switch.

The pressure switch will be attched to the right hand side of the machine and may be oval in shape.

Click here to see a picture of it.

Push the thin hose onto the spout at the bottom of the pressure switch and this will cure it from there.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No it's not the pressure ditch hose as that is already connected.
Ok still do the above were you pull the pressure hose off and blow hard down it as it may have got a blockage in there so blow hard through it and then retry it on a wash cycle and see what happens.

That hose you see at the bottom may be the emergency drain hose.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
tried your remedy guy blowing down the pipe, blocked. When I fitted the new door seal, I had to remove the counterbalance concrete block that the air pressure pipe is located behind, I found that.i he'd trapped the pipe, thus causing the problem! Happy days! Now back together and on a test run! Thanks for your help and suggestions, a job well done, but will find out for sure after the test run.
Hi Nice one glad to hear you found the fault. Im sure if you have freed it off now this will be back to normal from there. Regards
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