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Why do I have to top up my radiators and why does water come

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Why do I have to top up my radiators and why does water come out the exhaust pipe on the outside wall turning the wall brown.
Why does it take more than a gallon of water before the hot water gets to the shower when the boiler and shower are only 3 meters apart .
Why the shower go cold after about 4 minutes then get hot after a few seconds.
The boiler seems to be searching.
The last time l complained to my local council a technician put water into the radiators and used cycle pump to pump up the pressure in the boiler, this appeared to be ok at the time but it did not last long.
Hi , how old is the boiler ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

20+ years.

OK , boilers/ heating systems loose water through tiny leaks , but if the water pressure goes to high it will dump water out of the safety valve , then needs topping up again . the expansion vessel in the boiler is supposed to take up this water ( its like a balloon inside a metal casing) if this balloon looses pressure( which is why they pumped it up ) then the boiler pressure goes sky high and dumps water out of the safety pipe .its a vicious circle .especially if the expansion vessel is split .
The reason the shower hose hot and cold is that the domestic hot water heat exchanger is most likely blocked with sludge causing the boiler to switch off when too hoit. As the water can't go through fast enough , then goes cold when the boiler shuts down , and on and on.
Basically the boiler is in need of changing and if its that old the parts probably are not available
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