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I put water softener into the compartment and it drains straight

Customer Question

I put water softener into the compartment and it drains straight into the machine before the programme has even started.
I have taken out the drawer (several times) and cleaned it to make sure there are no blockages as well as cleaning out the area before reinserting the drawer - no change there. so now I have to try and catch the programme at final rinse (or go without softener).
any suggestions?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Can you post the make and model number please.

Also as to the fault does it do this before it even starts to fill with water?
Also i take it you are not putting too much softner in so its above the max mark?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The make of the machine is a Samsung eco bubble vrtplus. It drains through before the water starts and not filled above the max line - it drains out as I put it in?

Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Ok in this case its a fault on the drawer itself. As how the softner section works the flow of water washes it out and then the water thats left in there shypons out through the softner cap to get rid of the water.

So if its draining the softner out before any water goes in then it can only be the drawer and cap at fault. There cannot be anything else that can cause this fault.

Its a very strange fault as we dont see this often. But when we do its always the drawer itself at fault as it cannot be anything else casuing this as long as your not overfilling the softner section in there.

So replace the drawer itself and that will sort this fault out.