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The fan oven was running and warming up to 160 degrees when

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The fan oven was running and warming up to 160 degrees when I pressed the alarm button simultaneously with "+" to set a time for the alarm to sound. The power instantly cut out and I can't get it going again. Has it fused, and if so, how do I mend it?! Thanks
Have you checked the fuse box?
Has the display totally gone off?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes - checked the main fuse box and all still active. The display is completely dead - no lights at all.
Hi Ok if the fuse box is fine and it hasnt tripped out then its either the timer clock at fault or the thermal cut out has failed. What you need to do if trying to fix this yourself is pull the oven out and remove the back panel.There you will see the mains connect were the power cable goes to. Check this hasnt burnt out. If thats fine then look on the back and there will be a small thermostat with 2 wires on there. Check this as these like to burn out and it cuts the power to the timer clock. If it looks ok then you need to test it with a multi meter and see if faulty and if so then it will need to be replaced. But if that ok and the mains connection is and there power there then its going to be the timer clock.But to be honest most of the time for this kind of fault its the small thermostat that causes this fault as it burns out and cuts the power to the timer clock. If you need anymore info just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for this. As it's getting dark have just noticed a section of ceiling lights in our kitchen and living room are not working, even though the fuse box looks to be fine and not tripped on the cooker switch or the ground floor lights do you think it's worth trying to turn the fuse switches off and on again before opening up the back of the cooker?! Thanks
Hi Yes double check the fuses and turn them off and back on and see if it resets it.Also look at the box and just check there isnt another switch on a far end of the box as i have seen this in the past. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks I've tried turning everything off and on again and double checked for secret switches, but can't find any, and the lights and cooker aren't flinching.....but it does seem likely it's a mains thing now, given our ceiling lights are not working either!....
Ok to prove it you would need a multi meter and remvoe the cover in the back of the oven and very carefully test it and see if there 23ov there. If there isnt then its a supply fault here.
But from what you are saying i think you will find its a supply fault rather then a fault on the oven itself here.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok! Thanks so much for your help. I've just been on the phone to my dad and I've found a test switch on the fuse box that needed the problem is resolved! Sorry to have taken a while to realise it was the fuse box and not the appliance. I'll rate you anyway for your kind efforts!