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Cannon C60GCK main oven flame supervision bypass screw. (back

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Cannon C60GCK main oven flame supervision bypass screw. (back of cooker)
To convert to LPG it says to replace it but no one seems to be able to supply one
even CANNON?
Can you help please?
Dhi have you tried cannon themselves. They will normally send conversion kits free of charge.
tel 08709 077 077
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Tried Cannon and had to pay for conversion kit, arrived with all 7 jets (LPG) but no bypass screw.

I have rang them and they do not seem to have a part number for the bypass screw? and wanted to sell me a new FSD for £70

OK , the bypass screw is normally located in the oven thermostat control valve . you may have to but the complete thermostat for LPG
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Control valves all adjusted at front.

quote from conversion instruction:-

13 from behind cooker, remove screws securing the rear panel and

swing the left hand side outwards (viewed from rear) to gain access

to main oven flame supervision device.

14 Replace the flame suprvision device bypass screw.

15 Re-assemble the rear panel.



Hi , the flame supervision relates to the oven . as the oven reaches temperature, it closes off the oven thermostat, but to stop the flame completely going out the gas goes through a bypass screw in the oven thermostat . Google oven bypass screw images and you will see pictures showing you them in the oven stat
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


no problem with that, it has been adjusted at the main oven stat.

but it still says that the main oven bypass screw on the FSD at the rear of the cooker needs to be replaced?



OK , if that needs to be changed then you will struggle to buy one separately and will most likely have to buy a new fsd ready for LPG
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