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I ve got the apparently common ice-block behind the back panel

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I ve got the apparently common ice-block behind the back panel in a warm fridge in my RHS1 American fridge freezer. It is probably more than five years old. What next? please!

Yes the fault you have is very common on these Samsung appliances.

I take it you have heard that Samsung did put the warrenty up to 5 years for this fault so if its over 5 years then they probberly wont do much for you on this.

But if you want to do this yourself then what you need to do is empty the fridge and remove the back panel in the bottom half of the fridge which i assume you have already.

From there you will see the evaporator. If this is covered all over with ice then you need to use a hairdryer and melt the ice.
Then wrapped around the evaporator you will see the defrost heater. Follow the wires to the wiring block and then if you have a multi meter you need to test the heater for contonuity and if faulty then you need to replace it.

But if the heater is fine and the ice is all over the evaporator then its usually down to the defrost sensors which you will see attched to the evaportor and the wires clip into the back wall. Again test these for resistance. These will give a reading in Kohms so they are high resistance and replace if faulty.

But if the ice is only at the bottom were the drain gutter is then you need to melt the ice in there and make sure the drain hole is all clear as this fault is just down to a blocked drain hole.

But if the fault is too much ice then there is a kit you can replace. Its comes as a complete back panel with fan, Heater and defrost sensors. They are about £100 on ebay but come with everything you need. But if you have a multi meter then you can find which part it is that is causing this fault here.

Try the above and see what you find. If you need anymore info just get back to me.

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