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I am looking replacement evaperator sensor fridge part number###-##-#### ***** be

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I am looking for a replacement evaperator sensor for my fridge part number###-##-#### ***** believe they are unobtainable. also I need to know how to fit it given it is not visible.
Can you post the product number (pnc) of the appliance please. It will be on a sticker inside the fridge section behind the salad box and starts with 9.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Apologies part number(###) ###-####modelsanto 3274-8kg. Pnc###-##-####
Thanks for that.
Ive just had a look at this and the part is obsolete and theres not alturnative listed on it.
But have you actually tested the evaporator sensor to see if it is faulty?
As to be honest its quite rare the evaporator sensor fails.
Acess the sensors from the control board at the top and test the resistance from on the sensors from that end. There 3 sensors in there one for the freezer and 2 for the fridge. Just test them all and see what resistance you get. It should give a reading in K ohms so see what you get and let me know.
Also which section of the number 8 is lighing up on the fridge display. Is it the top section or the lower section thats showing the square?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Long reply. The fridge is on a barge in france. The freezer section works fine. The fridge section also seems to work correctly but every so often the fridge display shows a sqaure in the top section of the display. J
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had a french engineer look but was not much help. I replaced the air sensor in the fridge and for two days it was fine then the fault sign lit up, stayed on for a minute then went off then on etc. The fridge was at the correct temperature measured with a llaser reader. I am not in france but when I go back I can test resistance of the sensors. The odd thing is the fault only showing intermitantly any thoughts?
Hi Ok if its the upper section of the figuire 8 then this is the error code for the evaporator sensor. So check the resistance of the evaporator sensor. Ive just attched the wiring diagram so you know which sensor is which.So if the sensor is ok then the fault will be the control board. As to be honest if the evaporator sensor was the issue it will show all the time as the sensor is either working or it isnt they dont play up were as a control board does. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So should I bight the bullet and buy a new control board. The fault is very definitely interimitant and I can detect no logic as to when it happens. I have tried turning the fridge off for a few hours. Somtimes when I turn it on it shows fault for a time then the coorect temerature, other times it works fine for a time then shows fault then later no fault. Meanwhile the fridge seems to be cooling correctly
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Also do you have the page from the service manaul which shows all the fault codes which the display can show. And why should the temerature sensor for the evaporator be different from the air sensors except for the colour of the wire. Reason for asking is that the air sensors are not obsolete.
I'm at work at the moment as I work doing house calls during day so I don't have access to my computer. But when I get home I will send you the service manual for the control unit which shows the error codes for you.
As to the difference it's he size of the bulb sensor on the end. As its either smaller or larger cannot remember of the top of my head so senses different then the other. On some models the sensor come together and I have mixed them up before and it didn't work correctly until I refitted them the correct way.
Reply back to this so I have your question waiting and when I'm back this evening I will send it you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will wait till you are home thank you
Hi Ok ive just attched the service manual so have a look at that and see what you find. If you need anymore info just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you I found the manual very clear. My reading of the manual is as followsIf my fault light stayed on the whole time the evaporator sensor should be replaced. All the sensors have the same ohm/temp curve but for some reason have different bulb sizes. The evaporator is 4mm and the fridge air 5mm. There is a tube (correct?)in the foam which allows a new probe to be inserted BUT will a 5mm one fit up the evaporator tube. This is only an issue as the evaporator one is shown as obsolete but the air one is available.?? is it possible to find a compatible sensor somewhere. I saw one on the shop.white goods site part(###) ###-####which might be ok???? is it actually possible to install a new probe which will mean moving the heat exchanger on the back to get to it????My fault light seems to come on and go off at random as I described earlier. Could this be caused by a fairly dumb sensor working and then not working.??or could this sort of fault come from the board.The obvious course of action to buy a new evaporator sensor if one can be found but where take it to France and try it.The alternativewis to buy a new board and try that first.If the trip to France did not take two days and cost quite a bit I would naturally proceed step by step but it does.??Any thoughts on what is the best bet
The sensor has you have found all have the same resistance. So if you can get one that will fit then it doesnt matter about the connection to the control board as what you will be doing is going in from the back of the appliance and digging into the foam and cutting the wire there and attching the new sensor bulb into the place.
But as i said these dont fail often and it was along time when i last did this but i do remember it wasnt stright forward digging the foam out and getting the correct location.
Also once the foam is out you need to fill it in with expending foam and then tape it up with silver tape.
So worth testing the sensor first and checking it is fault as you dont really want to go doing all this if the sensor is fine. As to be honest with sensors they are either working or the dont. They dont tend to read ok first and then fail and back to normal again.
And if you want the part number for the control board its(###) ###-####but its quite an expensive part.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok final question, from what you said to change the evaporator sensor it is not simply a question of sliding one up a tube which is in the foam but actually requires hacking it out of the foam. Does this run the risk of damaging the gas filled cooling pipes??
Theres 2 types on this. One type the wire runs from the control board on the top down the back and then through the foam at the back.
But the other type involves hacking into the foam which isnt the best job. Its hard to tell which it is on the model as it doesnt say in the parts discribtion. and yes there is a chance of damaging the pipe work if you get in in the wrong place.
If you have a look in that manual i sent it shows were you you do it roughly.
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