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drcool299, Home Appliance Technician
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Experience:  I have been an Appliance tech for the past 15 years. Worked on most of the branded appliances.
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We have an Amana SXD524VE which has given great service and

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We have an Amana SXD524VE which has given great service and great fun. The appliance is fed by a smallbore copper pipe and it gives us water when we push a glass against the black plastic bit that moves inwards and allows the water to flow. Recently the water would not stop flowing - a flow not a drip - and so I stopped the flow by pushing a round metal rod up the plastic tube from which the water normally flows. The ice maker has stopped working but I suppose this is because the water has been stopped.
I have started to take the frontage off where the water and ice are provided but do not want to go too much further in case I break something ! Hopefully you can help. Thanks *****
Hello Sam, I suggest not to continue removing the front facia of the dispenser yet. This could be a problem with the water solenoid which is located at the back of the unit, or the micro switch in the front facia dispenser which case, you would really need to remove the front facia cover of the dispenser. But first, try to locate the water inlet valve . Please click the blue word and look at image 5...lower right. Part number 1135...water inlet solenoid valve. Be careful, unplug the unit first, then remove the wires attached to it, put back the water line and observe if water is still flowing at the front dispenser after you plug the unit back.
If the water is still flowing after removing the wires attached to the solenoid valve, then the problem is the solenoid valve. If the water does not flow, try to insert the wires one by one making sure you remember where they are inserted. If water would flow, then the problem could be the micro switch up front. Let me know what you find out. please do not rate until we are finished troubleshooting your unit. thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks very much for your advice. We will need to empty the fridge and pull it out from the alcove where it rests at present. We will need to do that tomorrow as it is quite a job and after that I will get back to you.

I will check the water solenoid although my own feeling is that it could be the micro switch. However I will email you again once I have taken things further. Thanks again.


Ok Sam. Just post it here and I will reply as soon as I see your post. Good luck on the repair. I just hope it is just the water solenoid valve which is easier to replace rather than the micro switch. Thanks again.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have now moved the fridge from the position it has enjoyed for many years. I am looking at the back of the unit and looking to finding the water inlet solenoid valve. This is 1135 on Image 5. My problem is I cannot see where on the back of the fridge 1135 might be. What part should I remove to access this are. I would assume it is down low on the right hand side of the back. I will try this and revert to you.


Hi Sam...If you would trace the water line from the faucet , that would be connected to the water inlet valve of the unit.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have found the water line and probably the water inlet valve but there is a morasse of wires and pipes and I simply do not feel comfortable pulling out wires and trying to fix the problem in that way. In explanation I am lying on my back looking into a very dusty hole where there are lots of pipes and wires.

My own thought is that it is the micro switch at the front which used to have a nice spring effect when water was sought but which now is not bouncing back in the way it was. However taking off the front panel would appear to be even more of a nightmare.

I know Sam. Let me see if there is a step by step instruction on how to replace the micro switch. Please hold on.
Here is the diagram and the switch is item 22 which I am afraid is out of stock in this site. Let me see other parts site.
Here is Appliance partspros..out of stock.... and here is Partselect...still out of stock....,,I can not find any instructions on how to replace the switch. It would really be hard but if you would take it easy, just use small screw driver to pry plastic clips, you might be able to trace it. You can look underneath the dispenser and ,maybe you can reach the switch and try to feel if it is still clicking. If it is, then it might still be good.
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