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Does my freezer have CFC GAS Nos on machine HQY75AA215 R600A

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does my freezer have CFC GAS Nos on machine HQY75AA215 R600A (###) ###-####

Hi ,your freezer doesn't contain cfcs How can I tell if my fridge contains harmful substances? If your fridge was made before 2000 it is highly likely that it contains Ozone Depleting Substances (‘ODS’) like CFCs or HCFCs in its insulating foam or refrigerant. Your fridge should be marked with a plate stating the manufacturer, model, serial number and what type of refrigerant has been used. The most common codes are: Pre-1994 R11 = CFCs contained in insulation R12 = CFCs used as a refrigerant 1994-2000 R22 / R141b / R142b = HCFCs contained in insulation R134a = HFCs used as a refrigerant

Refrigerant R 600a, or isobutane, is a possible replacement for other refrigerants, which have high impact on the environment, in domestic refrigerators. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a neglectible global warming potential GWP. Furthermore it is a sub- stance which is a part of petrol gases from natural sources. The refrigerant R 600a has been in use in the past, in refrigerators up to the 40’es, and has now again found a wide use in do-mestic refrigerators and freezers in Europe, especially in Germany, where more than 90% of refrigerators are manufactured using R 600a as refrigerant. Because of the avail- ability of isobutane all over the world it has been discussed widely for CFC replacement. Isobutane R 600a is a possible refrigerant for this application, with good energy efficiency, but with a very different characteristic in several points, which implies the design to be made or adopted for this refrigerant. Special care has to be taken to the flammability of isobutane .

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