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I have a Beko CDA653FS/1 fridge freezer the freezer works

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Hi I have a Beko CDA653FS/1 fridge freezer the freezer works ok but the fridge freezes solid . When the thermostat is removed the fridge still freezes solid . It appears that the pcb thermostat has supply both sides . Are there other electrical connections apart from the control panel pcb fan and thermostat pcb thanks *****
Sorry for the delay in getting to your question, Do you still need help on this?
If so can i just confirm you have replaced the small board inside the fridge and the main board at the back and its still getting to cold in the fridge?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The small pcb board was replaced but something is overriding the thermostat . Also changed main board
thanks D Williams
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can you tell me where there are other electrical comnnections
Hi If the control boards have both been replaced and its still getting to cold then its more then likey the fridge NTC (temperture sensor). As if this fails it doesnt regulate the temperture inside the fridge so it just causes it to get to cold as it isnt telling the compressor to turn off. What you need to do is access the control board on the back and find the small wiring plug with 6 thin wires. These are for the NTC sensors as there 2 in the freezer and one in the fridge. You need to test the wires from there but as you will see the block is very small. So you need to use a paper clip and insert it into the small hols for the wires and test them. Go from left to right and test the first 2 then the next 2 and then the last. They should give a reading in Kohms roughly about 8K ohms. If you find any faulty then the NTC sensor is the problem. Now im not 100 percent sure which is which so you need to test all of them. But now the bad news. If it is the NTC sensor then it cannot be repaired as this is not a replaceable part as the NTC is foamed into the back of the fridge onto the evaporator. So as it foamed in theres no way to replace it as they dont list the location of it.When we got this fault Beko exchanged the appliance but thats when they were under warrenty or insurance. If it was out of warrenty then it was a case of customer getting a new appliance. Im afraid Beko fridge freezers use foamed in sensor like most applainces now a days. Check that and see what you find and let me know. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi tested the connections in main control panel right hand side . The top 2 connections were separate from the bottom 4 . The readings for the top 2 connections were 12.6 k ohms . On the block of 4 connections the top 2 connections there was no reading and the bottom 2 had a reading again of 12.6 k ohms . Is the top 2 connections for fridge and bottom 4 for freezer . Could this sensor be bridged out . thanks
Hi Ok if there was no resistance on the top 2 of the block then its the sensor at fault im afraid which is bad news. As this is an NTC you cannot bridge it out as what the NTC does is change resistance as it gets colder and warmer so the control board picks up the resistance change and thats how it controls the temperture. So if you just bridge it out it will give the same fault you have now so that wont make a difference im afraid. Im afraid when these sensors fail they cannot be replaced as its foamed in the back. Beko know these fail but still havent made a fix so im afraid when these fail its a new appliance, Sorry. Regards
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