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I need advice on how to fit a Neff double built-under oven

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I need advice on how to fit a Neff double built-under oven U17M42N3GB. We currently have a single built-under oven and said the current cabinet was not big enough to accommodate the new oven.
Looking at the dimensions in the manual the cavity needs to be 600 wide x 550 deep x 725 tall with a 38mm gap between the top of the oven and the bottom on the counter. Is this correct? I am therefore assuming I will need to remove the whole of the existing cabinet. My worry is that the rails at the bottom will not be able to be fitted low enough to ensure the 38mm clearance at the top. I would hope the bottom of the oven would not be lower than the top of the plinth but am not sure.
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries - what is the size of the existing opening? Secondly what is/was the original cookers manufacturer and model number
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The current built-under single oven opening is approximately (H)59cm x (W)56.5cm. As this is clearly not wide or tall enough to accommodate the new Neff built-under double oven, which is (H)71.7cm x (W)59.4cm x (D)55.0cm, I am assuming I will need to remove the existing carcas/cabinet, which has cabinets on its left and right, all on legs.The current built-under single oven is an IGNIS AKL 907/IX.
Good Morning _ I have looked at the dimensions and agree with what you say, you will need to remove the existing cabinet, manufacturer a supporting shelf/platform and depending on how much room you have got, perhaps even either remove the kickstrip or modify it to fit. With this being a double oven I would fit a vent plate at both top and bottom. You will also have to ensure that the electric connection is able to take the extra power requirement and should be through a hard wired connection with double pole switching not connected via a 13 amp plug.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks. I am worried that the height of the enclosure will not be enough to allow the new oven rails, the cooker will sit on, to be securely screwed to the bottom of the adjacent cabinet sides and am thinking I might have to try and build some kind of extension to the cabinet sides, reaching down to the floor.The Neff installation guide ( doesn't mention the need for any vent plates, so am wondering if this is a necessity, to ensure sufficient ventilation, or a 'nice-to-have'.
OK you have two issues, firstly you have the width between uprights that you will have to consider, if it were me I would break down the existing cabinet and recover the two side panels which I would screw into the adjacent cabinet sides. This then gives you a place to screw your rails on to. The next issue is that the new oven uses far more power and as such more heat which you needto keep from damaging the wooden cabinets and worktops. The best way is to arrange top and bottom vents, you can get vent plates from B&Q etc Then its just a case of fitting it all together, it may be that the top of the new oven has vents built into its front in which case you will get away with a bottom vent only.
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