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Vaillant ecotecplus 831 heating set on clock, after heating

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vaillant ecotecplus 831
heating set on clock, after heating period ends pressure drops to 0...checked for leaking but couldn't find any
any idea whats the problem is ?
Hi , the water may have released from the safety valve. Check on the outside wall to where the boiler is. Look for a small copper pipe .it has probably released from here.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
is that mean safety valve is faulty ?
No , within the boiler is a metal vessel with a balloon inside called the expansion vessel . this takes up the expanded water as it gets hotter. If the balloon in this vessel splits or goes flat there is then nowhere for the expanded water to go. The pressure will go up to 3 bar and dump out of the valve. Then the boiler is refilled and the processes happens again .
The vessel has a cap on like a tyre cap and when pressure is at zero , can be pumped up using a car tyre pump upto 1.5 bar ..
If water comes from the cap then the balloon may have split and the vessel would need replacing.
Normally it just needs recharging.
One last thing , sometimes when the safety valve has released they don't quite seal up again, but you would know this by dripping from outside pipe
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you...I've noticed jumps of pressure and checked expansion one time water was dripping from the cap.
would you suggest to buy vessel and safety valve ? stay on the safe side
Yes , would be worth changing the safety at the same time .
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