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Daniel, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  20+ yrs. experience in white goods repair. NVQ Level 2 electronics manufacturers training courses.
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I have an AEG lava at washing machine. Pen no. 914.002.453. It

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Hello, I have an AEG lava at washing machine. Pen no. 914.002.453. It might have been giving me a very intermittent & impossible to locate earth leakage trip whist it was connected to the supply continuously but not switched on by its front control knob. It once caused a full mob overload trip but when reset it carried on working properly. Recently it caused another mcb overload trip And has now failed with a no mother drive fault.
It will fill,fill to full cut out, & also pump out & show all timing on the display but the motor will not drive.
I've had the motor out & checked it carefully. The brushes are ok and still have plenty of life in them. The commutator is in good condition & ive carefully cleaned all the carbon dust off it with a stiff toothbrush. All the windings look good with no sign of arcing or burnt smell etc. I can not go any further now and on reassembly there was no difference with a no motor run falt existing.
It think it may be a motor failure. Electronic swi
Have you tested the motor with a multi meter if you have one?
If not then i have the service manual for this washer with the test points for the motor and full test cycles for the washer. If you want this let me know and i will upload it for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Super , yes please thanks Daniel, the motor testing is the first thing I'd like to do. I have numerous test units and am competent enough to delve quite deeply.I was cut off in my original question as I was thinking along the lines of motor test first including direct voltage injection. Obviously at the cot rest points and level.Then it looks more like the electronics power driver not supplying the motor either due to a fault in that or the electronics having some external sensor signal missing perhaps before it would start up the motor.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The manual would be invaluable as this washer is a super machine & well worth spending a fair bit to get it going again.Thanks very much. Tony
Hi Ok ive just uploaded the service manual for you so click the link below and then you can download and save it. It does have the test points for the motor but there not the best. In the mean time i will see if theres a better one i can get you. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Great, thanks again, just printed it off & about to spend a while sorting it out.If you can get the better one that will be super. I've obviously got my work cut out for a bit, do I just keep this page open or can I reopen it after closing it and come back to you which I will do as soon as I get somewhere.Thanks ever so much, do I pay you once I get to the fault or when.Best wishes. Tony
Ok ive just uploaded another manual. The motor section is page 45 so you will only need to print that page out. As to payment you do this when you are ready. Once you rate it doesnt close the question so dont worry about that as you can reply back to me anytime as you will have an email with a link back here. Regards
Daniel and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Super, thanks yet again. Hyatt one is much better & over the next few days il get at it & let you know how I've got on.Many thanksTony
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello again Daniel, I've had a good go at it now & fully checked the motor which is good & runs the cylinder at top speed when I connected all up all the windings to the 240V supply externally after checking their resistances. Most of the test routines functioned quite well with fault codes pointing to the electronic control board. Tachometer, not fully heating before timeouts showed as faults so I've eventually taken the electronic control board off. A pity as virtually everything works apart from the main motor drive.The board's looks like it's had a capacitor explode on it so without detailed board circuits and function diagrams leads me to believe a replacement might be the only option.I've had a good search around the internet but without any luck as yet even the aeg site doesn't list the electronics & only shows general detail such as hoses etc. The machine is a bit old in the tooth Dec 03 & so I'm wondering whether you might know where I can source a replacement board, new or secondhand.? The part no is E###-##-####on the outer plastic case &###-##-####on the board itself.Best wishes. Tony
Hi I'm afraid the technical site for AEG is down at the moment so I'm unable to get the part number for the board. But if everything checks out ok then its more then likely the control board at fault. Now AEG don't list the circuit diagram for the control boards as they are factory made so when they fail we just replace them rather then fix the control board. But I know control boards are very expensive. You could be looking towards the £200 mark for it so on an 11 year old washer personally I don't even think its worth messing with as for a bit more money you have a decent new washer again. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I agree with you Daniel, £200 is far too much to put into the old girl no matter how good it's been. However, I have found a second hand one on eBay from a spares recycling place for about £42. If it's good , Fingers crossed it might be worth a try. I'll have a think about it this weekend. Any warnings or cautions,? There's always a risk but if all sensors & output drives etc are sound then the new board shouldn't be damaged when it's connected.Kindest. Tony
If the board you have found is from the same model then it should work. As they all look the same but have different programing codes in there.
But the good thing with these is you can program them yourself as it shows you how to do it in the service manual and the programming code will be printed on the sticker on the old board
But if you need the programming code then just get back to me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Gosh you must sleep with your PC or pad ready Daniel. The unit is supposedly out of the same model has different type no and e code but the S/W version is the same which looks good. Even better the co must have realised I was looking at the £25 competition available & reduced their price without my asking to £23. A check on the model & type no of the washer off them & I'll try it. Keep you informed as I did not quite manage detailing the S/w ver changes. Hopefully it'll not need it though.
Time for bed...many thanks. Tony
Ha ha I was just about to log off last night when you replied so had time to answer you. If you need any help once you get it just get back to me. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi again Daniel, yes, I finally got the new control board and in conjunction with the oldbone I think there was an excess carbon flashover on the armature which burnt out the track feeding it on the controller.I cleaned it up and voltage injected again from the board and the motor ran superbly smooth. The new board work well thanks ever so much for all the advice. Software was the same as original thank goodness. I've ordered new carbons to insert in the holders.Bearings on the tub are a bit noisy on low speed & might need replacing before too long. Are they difficult to get out of the rear outer drum shell? & would you wait till they start screaming or groaning before replacingDampers are useless and a borrowed pair off a Zanusie has made a great difference . I'll try to source some equivalent replacements as the piston is a bit too near the end of its stroke at the moment.Thanks so much for all the help as without it I'd have been well & truly snookered :-). I'm now looking forward to quite a few more years life out of it