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Ferroli domicompact f30d fault f5 showing,have changed air

hi ferroli domicompact f30d fault... Show More
hi ferroli domicompact f30d fault f5 showing,have changed air pressure switch,fan and checked flue system.boiler wont fire if combustion cover is in place,but if bottom of cover is eased off boiler fires and runs perfect.any advice much appreciated.
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Hi have you checked the hoses from fan to APS? Check for blockages or splits.
Also make sure the venturi where the hoses GOTO from APS is clean and not blocked
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
new hoses fitted with APS and venturi is clean as new fan fitted
Its got to be an air flow issue.just checked the manual .is there a box that the fan attaches to on the right. Could this need cleaning? Is the burner clean?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Everything around burner is spotless.A colleague attended to this boiler just over two weeks ago with same fault showing. he blew down hoses and boiler came on, and operated for ten days.this made us think we had faulty aps which was changed.its a bit of a head scratcher.
Its a strange one.
I think you might just have to check all the components one by one.
Definitely check the condensate trap if it has wires to it as sometimes they are routed through through the PCB , make sure its clear .
The thermistors and stats can be checked on ohms with a multimeter. You are looking for a change in ohms upon temperature change.
Check all wires for signs of damage, especially wiring to fan and APS .if the boiler worked when blowing down tubes , the fan can't have been running right to give enough force or something's up with the flue, dirty burner?