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I have a baxi bermuda 45/4 back boiler 12yrs old,the problem

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hi i have a baxi bermuda 45/4 back boiler 12yrs old,the problem is when we have the heating on after some time the main jets shut down and start up straight away.i turn the the heating off it seems to run on for a while then stops.the hot water cuts in and out as normal.i have had the pcb changed.the leads to the potentionometer changeed. the sensor thermostat changed.but still have problem has anybody any thougths.thanks in anticiption. pgtips
Hi , its most likely not a boiler issue as the same components in the boiler work for hot water and heating.
Most likely the pump isn't running and the boiler is cutting out because its getting too hot .
Could also be air in the system built up over the summer. Bleed all the rads ,check for manual bleed valve on the pipe work in the cylinder cupboard.
Check the pump is running by opening the bleed screw on a he front face of the pump , insert a screw driver and feel if the impellor is spinning.use an old towel when you do this as a small amount of water may drip out.
If the pump is OK , I would then suspect they heating motorised valve if the system has one. To see what these look like Google Honeywell motorised valve images
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi i have checked pump all seems fine i have gravity hot water pump only for c-heating, boiler still cutting in and out any thoughts regards
Hi , do you have a motorised valve on the system?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi there is no motorised valve on the system 1inch pipes to cylinder
Hi , its got to be the pump, maybe cutting out, stopping , boiler cutting out on thermostat.
I would change the pump
By the way do you have a room and thermostat?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi i have just read your reply the rads down stairs are getting hot, but i will change the pump. and yes i do have a room stat that has been clicking off/on regards
OK , I'm pretty sure that will solve it
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