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Hoover model gc1682d2. this machine has no motor action. it

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hoover model gc1682d2. this machine has no motor action. it will put water and seems to do all other actions. we have replaced the motor but the same fault remains. when you select a wash the machine seems to do all the actions and runs the program as though there was no fault. the only fault is the motor will not turn.
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries - did you replace the motor with a new one from Hoover/Candy?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi there. it was a used one but looked ok and was from a machine that had a different fault

Have you seen the replacement motor actually operate?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


OK please don't think I am being awkward here but you are jumping around changing parts when you havent established which parts are faulty, it is assumed that because the motor doesn't turn that you have a motor fault when it could be a thermal protector in the motor, the wiring, module or motor. Do you still have the machine that the replacement motor came out of and if you connect the replacement motor does it spin in this one? If so you can connect the original motor in and see if that works. Is the replacement motor a direct replacement of just one you have found that fits?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi there, i have only changed the motor on this machine so far. i bought the motor as reconditioned and am assured that it is fully tested. when i fitted it the machine seems to run a full program but only the motor does not turn. water goes in and power gets to the heater and the clock counts down the time of the program. i checked the wiring and general seems ok. i have heard that the taco can be faulty.

OK let us assume that the motor works, the wiring is intact between the control board and all other things work as you have stated. This then only leave the main control board as the faulty culprit. This board is available but you are looking at between £65 - £100 for a replacement. Bearing in mind that this is a second hand machine and you have already spent out on a motor I doubt that the repair is worth doing. This is why it is so important to be assured that the motor works, if your original motor was OK and you only have a board to replace its about doable. I hope I don't appear to be unhelpful but throwing parts at a problem without finding out the fault initially is just wasting time and more importantly money. From what you have said sofar it seems like a pcb fault, perhaps caused by the motor but not for certain.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

can you help me test if the thermal protector you mentioned and the taco are faulty on the motor.

OK can you let me have the manufacturer of the motor and its part number there were more than one fitted to this appliance.

Lets try and do it by using the self test facility of the board (if its working) Candy Grando Reading The Candy Washing Machine Fault Code The error codes are displayed through the simultaneous flashing of the FIRST LED of the Chronovision series and of the LED of the FIRST OPTION BUTTON together. The time for the displaying of each code, is 15 seconds. During this period of time, both LEDs flash together at the frequency of 1 Hz (one flash per second), for a number of times corresponding to the number of the error to be displayed. Then, they stay OFF for all the time that's missing to the end of the period of 15 seconds. The sequence is repeated until service intervention or until the machine is switched OFF. Please also note that many of the codes highlight that wiring faults can cause the error being reported, this can include faulty or dirty connections as well as physical wiring damage or loose connection blocks etc. Once you have the number of flashes come back to me and I'll tell you what the board (if working has found)

So switch it on and put it on a program and see what you get.

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