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I have a Whirlpool condenser dryer AWZ8577 ,

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Hi , i have a Whirlpool condenser dryer AWZ8577 , 857585715070 , takes a long time to dry the clothes, i fitted a new heater , but it still takes a long time drying , it does not seem very hot in the drum , would it be a problem with the module/circuit
board ?
Hi Stupid question but need to know first, Is the condenser chamber at the bottom fully clear?Pull it out and use a hose pipe and spray it through the condenser to clean it. Also is the drum still turning? Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, yes condenser is clean ,also checked the pump at the back of dryer, yes the drum turns perfect, there does not seem to be a lot of heat from drum ,even though its a new heater and have checked it and it is heating up. it works fine only it takes a long time to dry clothes ,there is a low heat button ,maybe heater only half heating up ! Thanks
Hi Ok thought the condenser would have been clear but just needed to check. If its a new heater and its still not getting hot enough then its more then likely the control board that's attached to the right hand side panel when you remove the top. But just a thought you are using a full heat cycle like the cottons cycle and not the delicates as this only uses the half heat mode.As its quite rare the half heat option fails as its part of a control board so if that fails then its the main board. But to be honest ive never had to replace that board for that fault. But for not getting hot enough ive replaced loads of the smaller circuit boards on the side as this is the humitidy circuit board so this is the one that controls the heater element so its more then likely that board that's the fault here. Regards
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