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Dales-Electronic, Home Appliance Technician
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Experience:  I am a Home Appliance / Refrigeration Technician of 25yrs+ with my own business and for multi-brand national companies.
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I have an AEG OKO Arctic No Frost upright freezer about 2m

Customer Question

I have an AEG OKO Arctic No Frost upright freezer about 2m high and 0.7m wide with approx seven plastic draws in it. It is about 5-7 years old I would guess.
It works fine and keeps the contents nicely frozen, but the problem is that the audible warning alarm bleeps at 2 second intervals continuously. If I press the button to get rid of the alarm then it disappears for 12 hours or so and then comes back on again until I press the button again.
I have tried lowering the temperature to its lowest temperature as well as raising it to its highest temperature, but this makes no difference and eventually the alarm comes on again whatever I do.
Any ideas what I can do to get rid of the irritating noise?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries - would you kindly let me have the Model number and more importantly the product code or pnc which will also be on the label inside the cabinet, usually on a side wall or sometimes behind on of the trays.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Ian, the details you have asked for are as follows:
Model No: 3192-4 GA Typ73 FCA03AA
PNC:###-##-####Serial No: 80824088
Rgds, Jeremy
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks, ***** ***** we have to establish is what the actual temperature is in the freezer. Have you got a thermometer that will measure freezer temperatures?
Secondly this model is not listed on the AEG database so we might find it is slightly older than you think. Some spare parts are available but many now are classed as obsolete - but lets see what we can do.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have a medical thermometer but its operating range is not within the temperatures of a freezer so I can buy a new one and do the temperature test in the next day or two and get back to you.
I did buy the freezer second hand a couple of years back as a spare garage freezer and I take your point that it may be older than I thought and that spares may be tricky to source.
It does freeze food perfectly adequately but, from what I read before contacting you, it appears that the alarm goes off if the actual temperature of the freezer does not reach what it is set as. If this is the case and the freezer itself is not as efficient as it used to be then I will be unlikely to spend much money on calling out an engineer to fix it and buying spares - Id rather get another one. To be honest I am more interested in getting rid of the annoying alarm noise than I am in fixing the underlying root cause and getting the freezer working optimally! Can it be disabled?
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
No but what you could do is take the board out and actually cut the beeper off the circuit board - the only disadvantage would be if it actually did go wrong you just wouldnt know. My feeling at the moment is that you have either got a build up of ice, a sensor that is out of sync with the temperature (which is why I need to know what the actual temp is) or you are short of refrigerant or the compressor is not working at 100%. First things first though lets get the actual temperature and take it from there.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have today bought a thermometer and checked the freezer temperature and it is running at -21C. I did notice however that it is currently set at -24C so maybe that is why it is bleeping. I have now turned the thermostat down to -20C so that we will know that the freezer has the capability to run at the temperature that's been set. I did actually do this before and it did lower the temperature, but the bleeper still sounded when it had reached that lower temperature. By the way, I did check for excessive ice build-up after your earlier comments and it looks pretty good to me with no excessive ice buildup at all.
Over to you.......
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
OK can you confirm that it is switching itself on as off as required?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The current status is that I have now turned the temperature setting on the freezer to -17C, the indicator on the front of the freezer is showing -16C and the thermometer inside the freezer is showing -17C. The bleeper is off so all appears well at the moment.
It was bleeping continuously yesterday with the temperature set at -17C and the temperature indicator on the freezer showing -13C, but I had just loaded it up with a whole butchered lamb and so I guess that would explain why the temperature rose temporarily until it had frozen and stabilised again.
Maybe I can just leave it alone for a few days and monitor the situation and then get back to you if it starts again?
Do you have any ideas what could have caused the problem in the first place? Was the temperature set too low maybe and the freezer could not reach that temperature because it's a bit old and past it and that caused the alarm to go off?
I had tried setting it at the higher temperature of -17C back in the summer, but it didn't make any difference and it just bleeped all the time then.
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
I think you suggest is the best idea, loading warm product does cause the temperature inside the freezer to rise and would certainly take it to a temperature that would cause the sensors to indicate a fault and beeper to sound constantly. Keep and eye on it for the time and if you need further advice come back to me - we can leave the question open for now.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We have an interesting development that may be relevant. The freezer has now been bleeping again for the last two days even though the temperature is set on the freezer at -17C and the thermometer shows the same reading. However, the temperature now showing on the freezer indicator itself is -21C. Is this relevant do you think?
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
It might indicate that you have a problem with the electronic control board or the sensor feeding the information to it. On the other hand you could have that sort of temperature difference from top to bottom, as this is a big unit. Remember also that the freezer will vary either side of the set point as the motor is switch on and off according to its set temperature.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The freezer is now set at -17C, it is showing as -17C on the freezer indicator and it is operating at -17C as shown by the separate thermometer. However, the irritating bleeper still comes on every day, I then turn the alarm off and it is OK for 10 hours or so and then the bleeping comes on again every day without fail. What can I do to get rid of the noise as the freezer seems to be operating fine?
Expert:  Dales-Electronic replied 2 years ago.
Well the only thing I can think of now to resolve you issue is to cut the bleeper off the pcb and see how that goes. I had tried in the interim to get a manual for the product but AEG dont list that model anymore. Was hoping there might be a way of switching the tone off.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK thanks for trying to get the manual anyway. Happy to try cutting the bleeper off the pcb. No idea where the pcb is or what the bleeper circuit looks like so how exactly do I do this?