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My friend has an Ideal Combi boiler EVO HE C22/35 installed

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My friend has an Ideal Combi boiler EVO HE C22/35 installed in the loft of her bungalow.
It is 9 years old and has broken down several times over that period, but the big issue at the moment is that when the outside temperature drops to freezing the boiler startsup again, even if it is during the night when the control settings on the unit in the kitchen are not on. This raises the temperature in the bungalow to such a level that it goes above the setting of the thermastat in the hall. The only way to turn the boiler off when this happens is to open the loft door and allow the temperature in the living area to go up into the loft to raise the temperature in the loft. Surely this is not right and in my book it is not acceptable. What is the problem and how can it be put right.? Is it in order for a boiler of this type to be installed in a loft?
Hi , it sounds like either the installer put in a frost stat in the loft and didnt put in a pipe stat to turn the boiler off again , when it gets above a certain temperature. Your friend needs to ask someone to check if there is a frost stat wired up to the boiler , and if there is to fit a pipe stat on the heating pipework , so when the boiler comes on it will shut off again
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I will pass on your views to my friend. Very helpful. I am unlikely to contact you again as this is not my problem so please remove my Visa Card details and e-mail address from your data base. Thanks again for your help.