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Baxi bermuda 45/4e why after about a hour after firing up,

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baxi bermuda 45/4e why after about a hour after firing up, it fails to fire up, I can hear the ignition clicking but fails to light
Hi, most likely overheating and shutting off on the overheat star?Check there is no air in the system, bleed the dads and thec k for manual air release valves on the pipework in the hot water cylinder cupboard. If these are will ok, then suspect the pump or sludge in the system
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi I have tried what you said, but still the same, the pump is only 18 months old, and there is no sludge in the system, the radiators seem to get hotter than they used to, don't know if that means anything.
Hi, !luckily there are hardly any components on these boilers. If the pump is fairly new, then the two it could be are the boiler thermostat or the pub. As the thermostat is the cheapest , change this first .if this isn't switching off once the boiler is up to temperature then it will give the same issue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I changed the thermostat last week inside the heat exchanger. I thought that might have cured the problem, so really I haven't got a clue, how long do these pumps last, the last one lasted 20 years,
The pump should last longer than that. Back boiler pipe work can block up with scale pretty badly. Is it making settling , piping noises?.If its not the stat, then the pub is what's left . But feel the return pipe into the boiler is it hot , indicating a clear flow back to the boiler?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There isn't no noises, the pipes into boiler feel about the same heat sorry to be a pain as I said it will go for a hour switching of and on as it should, then you can hear the ignition clicking trying to light the pilot, it does for a while then it stop clicking suppose it then closes down.
Hi, then it has to be the pcb, when the boiler gets up to temperature the pcb maintains starts the ignition process again when the boiler needs to fire again.. its a tricky one as it from the description it could be few things. I would immediately assume an overheat situation related to pump , air blockage, but you seem definite on the pump being ok , so I can only recommend changing the pcb
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thanks for your help, can I buy a genuine pcb board anywhere or is there only certain places I can get them from
Hi you can get them from boiler spare merchants, online. You can get refurbished ones a swell if you have a problem getting a new one. Adlink in private, London take your old one and replace it with a refurbished one.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi sorry about delay in leaving feedback, I replaced PCB board, didn't solve the problem,I purchased a new Baxi oxpilot the ignition system and that has solved the problem, so thanks for your advise, it was helpful as it guided me to a solution to the problem,I thought I would let you know so it might help someone else with the same problem as I had.NEW! BAXI BERMUDA 45/4E, 57/4E - OXYPILOT - 238292