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Is it possible to buy door seals fridge/freezer

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Is it possible to buy door seals for Westinghouse fridge/freezer in the UK?
My fridge/freezer which I have recently brought over from Australia is Model Code RJ422V-L, Serial Number 34153158, total volume 416L, height 1640mm. width 702mm, depth 743mm, made in Australia by Electrolux Australia Pty Ltd.
It was in storage in Queensland from January 2014 until being shipped to the UK arriving at the end of September 2015. The last summer in Australia (Nov '14 - Mar '15) was exceptionally hot and I think that has damaged the seals. The freezer is working (although the door shelf does not freeze goods well) but the fridge body does not appear particularly cold and condensation forms every few days on the top shelf which is a glass shelf.
Am I right in surmising that it is the seals which are faulty?
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries - I'm afraid you will find that it is impossible to buy a replacement door seal for this model in the UK. Your appliance was built in Australia and despite spending time this morning I have been unable to find a door seal from an Australian supplier it seems like its a whole door only. What is the actual problem with the door seal, we may be able to repair it?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Ian for your response. Because the body of the fridge is not sufficiently cool enough despite turning down the thermostat, and the fact that while the freezer works well, the compartment in the door of the freezer thaws and then freezes and thaws anything kept in it, and in addition to this, condensation forms as a puddle on the top glass shelf of the fridge and a small amount of condensation freezes as drops on the ceiling of the freezer compartment, leading me to surmise that the door seals have been compromised due to storage in the extreme heat of a Queensland summer. The temps last summer often reached 45C in the shade!! In other words they are not providing a proper seal to the fridge - as if the door has been left open a tad. Surely any new fridge door seal should be able to rectify this problem??? Please advise.
You problem is that in many cases the door seal forms part of the door assembly itself and is not removable you have to change the whole door assembly. Looking at the WW suppliers for Australia I couldn't find a door seal listed at all only the complete door. Perhaps you know different?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear ***** - I have ascertained that I can buy a gasket kit for the fridge from Westinghouse in Australia, so that would not be a problem. What I would like is for a technician to have a look at the fridge and if possible replace the said kit for me. Does this come within your brief? A second reply from a different source in Australia suggested possibly there may be another problem and would have to look at the fridge (ha ha!), as he seemed to think that most fridges would work despite minor leakages. He does not appear to have taken into consideration the storage heat problem- the former white trim on the external fridge door which used to be coloured off white is now a dark cream, which indicates to me the heat must have been extreme. The seal at the top of the freezer where there is a small amount of condensation is quite hard, not the usual soft 'give' of a door seal.Can you suggest a technician from the Cirencester area at all? With many thanks - Sara Ridgway (Mrs)
I can happily do that for you but let us test the door seal first to try and save you some money. Being old school the way to test the door seal is to place a ten pound not between the door frame and door seal and close the door upon it. You then try and pull the note out, if you feel a resistance then the door seal in OK, if you dont then you have a problem. You have to do that all the way around the door. Come back to me with your results. I tend to agree with the guy from Aus about the seal, to soften it up you could gently apply heat to it to allow alittle manipulation if needed we do this where corners of door seals wont close.