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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer which has suddenly started popping

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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer which has suddenly started popping the RCCB as soon as it's turned on. The unit is about eight years old and has worked fine up till now.
I've heard that this can be caused by the Defrost heater element. If I lift the control unit away from the back of the appliance, and unplug the two wires to the defrost element (pair of heavier brown wires helpfully labelled 'Defrost' too) then I can power up the appliance without any problems. The compressor runs, the spaces start to get cold.
So it looks like that's the problem, but the F&P engineer can't come for two weeks. My question is - is it OK to run the fridge/freezer like this in the meantime, with the defrost element disconnected ? I don't mind things frosting up, I'm just concerned it might upset some sequence like waiting for something to get warmer, which won't happen now.
Thoughts appreciated !
You have found the fault here as the defrost heater failing is the usual cause for these to trip the electrics out. So leaving the defrost heater wires of the control board at the back will allow the appliance to work just fine.
Then only thing that happens is now the freezer wont auto defrost so what will happen is the ice will build up too much on the evaporator. Now 2 weeks may be just fine but any longer will be to much so what will happen is it will effect the airflow so you will loose the cooling inside the fridge first.
So if after a few weeks you start to notice the fridge getting warm then you need to turn it off and defrost the appliance for 24 hours to clear the ice.
But fingers crossed in the mean time they can call out and replace the heater for you.
If you need anymore info just get back to me.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Daniel, is working fine so far, started showing a fault code (F02) that the resistance of the defrost element is too high, which considering it's disconnected is probably correct ! But otherwise, good. Thanks for the reply.