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Just had a Bosch induction hob fitted and trying to figure

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Hi. Just had a Bosch induction hob fitted and trying to figure out which connection current to set it at, 20, 16 or 13 amps. I currently think it should be set to the 20 amp level as my kitchen ring has a 30 amp fuse and if every hob was on at full power then P=IV would give me a result of 31 amps.
Am I going about this correctly?
Hello, my name is George..
Is your appliance hard wired into the wall connector for the oven, or is it plugged into a wall socket?
What rating is the fuse/trip for the oven?
Kindly be patient whilst awaiting any responses from me as I'm not constantly available.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi George.The appliance is hard wired to the mains itself and is a 20amp 4.2kw rated hob. The oven is own wall socket coming from the same mains.The kitchen fuse is 30amps.I think the question may have answered itself as the hob seems to be at 20amps by default with no option to go through the process of setting its amperage. Also I now understand that this connection current power level is actually a way of de-rating the hob down to a 16 or 13 amp device. I think the instruction manual just doesn't explain it very well this leading me in to a bit of a tis over it.John
Can you give me the ENR of the hob..
If the hob is 4.2kw then it is a 17.5A hob, so it needs setting for 20A
Remember, the cooker fuse is a separate one than for the kitchen... The cooker is a fuse on its own and is purely for the cooker outlet. If the hob and the oven are both connected to the same outlet, then the rating of the two needs to be lower than the fuse rating.
If you can give me the model numbers or ENR of the hob and the oven I can check the ratings for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The ENR of the hob is PIE611B18E and is a 4.2kw device.The oven is an Ignis (IKEA I think) and has 2.3kw on its rating label. Type FCMS6 and what looks like an IKEA model number 100.655.24.They both feed out from an on/off wall switch, the hob hard wired and the oven on a mains plug with its own 13amp fuse. There's no fuse I can see inside the actual on/off switch. It just appears to be an on off in between the mains and the cables running to the hob and oven.
Yes, between the two appliances you are running at 27.08A
So long as the on/off switch is a cooker isolation switch and not a normal switch then you should be fine.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes it's a cooker isolation switch.Thanks so much for your help George. Good to have my mind put at rest.Thanks
You're very welcome
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