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We have a MDW606AWG diswasher purchased 30 months ago

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We have a MDW606AWG diswasher purchased 30 months ago from Costco Aberdeen.
Have had not a single issue with it till last night. About 5 minutes into its cycle it started flashing F6 E4, a combination that is not listed in the accompanying documentation. I have stripped out everything that can be cleaned inside the washer interior; there was nothing particularly dirty. The main filter under the trays was about 20% blocked. Everything is now shiney and clean. Also took off the mains input pipe to check the filter; this was also clean.
As is always the way we have about 20 people staying for some 5 days over Christmas, the wife looks close to a panic attack! Is this something which can be resolved; I used to repair anything that was dumped in front of me years ago so as we will not get Costco to replce it that quickly; is there something I can do?
F6 E4 error code means water has leaked into the base and has activated the flood switch under there.
What you need to do is unplug the dishwasher and then remove the wooden kick board at the bottom of your kitchen.
Then from there you need to remove the metal cover at the front at the bottom below the door.
From there you will see water in the base tray. So use a sponge and soak the water up. Be carefull of the metal base as its very sharp as ive sliced my hands few times on these.
Once the water is cleared from the base the flood switch will reset itself and that will clear the error code.
Then retry it and fingers crossed its a one off overfill that caused this and it will be fine.
But if it happens again then theres a leak under there which you need to find and fix to cure this.
So try that and see what you find. If you need anymore info just get back to me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
DanielApologies for the delay to my response. I am a carer to my wifes dad who lives some 10 miles out, he had fallen and we have had to get an ambulance. Have just got back in and seen your response; will try your recommendation, thanks; will be in touch
Hope he's ok. And no worries check it out when you can and let me know. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Lets just take it as said that I will add the £7 to up this to a detailed help......1 this is a stand alone machine so after taking off the plastic kick panel, similar to that beneath a frdge door; I was faced with a solid shaped sheet of aluminium? held in place with x4 star screws with a sound? insulating felt panel behind once removed.
2 now had a clear view of the underside and yes the drip tray base did indeed have water in it, not a lot, maybe 3to4mm. Tilted machine forward and drained the tray. then went as far in as i could with a cloth to dry up tray further.
3 amazed that all of this area looked as clean as a new machine, no dust or dirt on anything.
4 levelled the machine and started it, wow, no error codes, did its usual nothing for 4 minutes and then the water started pumping, all good; I am there with a torch watching. A further minute and the cleaning cycle starts inside the machine
5 within 10 seconds I see water dripping onto the metal tray coming from the grey pipe which connects to the lower back of the translucent plastic salt container.
I pressed cancel and the machine has drained.What is the easiest way to access this? should point out that the salt box was completely empty but no warning light has come on the front telling us this.jan
Ok best way is remove the outer metal door. Pull this down and remove the screws on the inside of the door and then you can remove the outer panel.
Then you need to remove the 4 torx screws. If you don't have a torx bit (star shapped) bit then try a small flat bladed screwdriver as this sometimes works.
Then you need to remove the left hand side panel. Again they are torx screws then this will give better access in there.
But first if its coming from the salt pot remove the bottom basket and you will see the salt chamber there. Remove the lid and then you will see the plastic nut holding it to the base. Make sure this is tight. Don't over tighten it as it will break.
Also look inside the dishwasher on the left wall and you will see a round plastic cap were the filling tank attches to the tub. Again make sure that cap is on as ive had it in the past were it comes loose and falls off.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am assuming what I called the star screws should be called torx!Are, your last comment about the round plastic cap to the side of the washer above the salt. this I cleaned but had real problems re-attaching, will have another go at fitting this before I take more apart and running it again
Yes they call the screws torx. As to the round cap then if its loose then it will leak as the water passes thought.Sometimes I use long noise pilers to get a better grip on there to lock it into place.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
cap was not loose, it was that the plastic housing behind the aluminium onto which the cap fits is not level with the hole. Took a bit of wiggling then the cap fitted easily and flush. Have started the machine to see if it was this.
Ok fingers crossed that's done the trick on it and theres no hand washing over Christmas for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Daniel, so pleased you mentioned the cap!!! before taking apart the beast. No water dripping 13 minutes into cycle; not the pipe then, water therefore dripping down from above around the cap and then dripping off the pipe. Just checked again, few drips coming down front of the salt container; will assume this is residual water sitting on top of the salt box and being dislodged by the vibration.
Thank-you, most impressed. How do I give you the £7 bonus............
Will stop the machine and try it with the sunday roast later. How can I get back in touch in case something does flip. Do not think it will, just arse covering - those few drips. Would you mind forwarding email; promise I will not abuse this.
Nice one glad to hear its sorted.
To make payment you need to click the rating stars (I think) or a green button on this answer to rate the answer then you can do the bonus.
As to getting back to me that's not a problem. You will have an email already with a link back to this thread so you can reply any time you need to.
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