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I have a Turbomax 282E combi. It will now only fire up after

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I have a Turbomax 282E combi. It will now only fire up after Control Switch turned ON and then (after pump goes off and flashing Indicator light returns) back OFF many times over.
Eventually Fan indicator light goes on and it always fires up at this point, providing heat and hot water for the rest of the day providing Timer is left on 'Constant'.
The situation has steadily deteriorated and the length of time I have to reset the Control switch before the boiler eventually fires up has increased.
I have added water to the system when problem first began so from the pressure guage there is no evidence of lack of water. Furthermore the CH pump seems to work fine for the rest of the day (12+ hours if left on 'Constant') once the boiler has fired. However if Timer switch turned off then it only takes a few minutes before flashing Indicator light returns.
Hi the fan will run , this makes the air pressure switch .the boiler then fires.your fan is failing of the air pressure switch. Change the air pressure switch first as its the cheapest and easiest to change
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Does this explain why it is the IGNITION indicator light which starts flashing when the pump switches back off again a few minutes after I reset the boiler using the Control switch? This happens many times before the Fan indicator light eventually comes on and the boiler fires up. The air pressure switch doesn't appear to fail once the central heating is eventually running and the boiler fires up many times without a problem during the 12 hours the central heating is on with the timer set to 'constant'. However when the CH is switched off at the timer at the end of the day, the Ignition indicator light starts flashing again just a few minutes later.
Hi, yes the air pressure switch is very sensitive and any failing on its part or the fan will, shut the boiler down and restart the process again and again u too ignition. Changing both these components would be the best solution. Once a fan is up and running it seems to stabilize
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