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We have a Zanussi Built In Oven - ZBM 762 N. The element

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We have a Zanussi Built In Oven - ZBM 762 N.
The element has today come loose and for some reason one of the retaining screws fell out. It is very rusty is all I can say. As we tried to screw it back in the other screw dropped out too.
The element is working but we have had to push the shelf up high to prop it up.
Turkey time is imminent - how do I get to the inside of the oven to find what to screw it into even it I can get new screws tomorrow. I live in Malta
I take it its the grill element at the top that have come away?
If so then this down to the oven cavity so accessing the top wont really do much to help you here.
What we do on this when this happens is look at the metal bar on the element that you screw to the top.
You need to use something hard and you then need to hit the metal bar and knock it forwards a few inches. Do this on both sides and if you hit the bar hard enough it will move forward.
Now you need to drill a small hole on both sides into the roof were the screw holes are on the bar and then you can use new screws there and secure it to the roof of the oven cavity.
That's what we do and it works all the time. The hard part is moving that bar as it can be fitted on tight but a few good hits with a small hammer if you have one or a good pair of pilers and it will move forward and allow you to drill new holes on the roof in there.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That sounds easier than I thought . I will try that in the morning. Many thanks Daniel