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My Bosch dishwasher - about 9yrs old, is having problems with

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My Bosch dishwasher - about 9yrs old, is having problems with bits of food gathering in and around the filter. I did replace the filter about 6wks ago hoping this would solve the problem. I scrape it out with a spoon and put it through an empty hot wash and it's OK for a while but then every couple of weeks or so it builds up again and dishes don't get cleaned very well. We are careful to scrape plates the same as usual. Any suggestions?
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to your queries - you need to put a cleaner descaller through the dishwasher at least every month. After a period of years the inside of the dishwasher pipes start to fur up and you end up washing in what is in effect dirty water. The one I use which is fairly cheap is 'Oust dishwasher & washing machine cleaner' If yours is bad I would do it every two weeks until its all clear.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We live in a soft water area (no limescale in kettles) so how likely is this to be the problem?
Let me come at this another way then - I fully understand that you live in a soft water area but that from a technical point of view is irrelevant as all dishwashers have a built in water softener so you should have minimum scaling even in a hard water area. Working on your earlier statement, the only deposits that can get into a dishwasher are those that are put in attached to plates or cutlery. They are held in suspension whilst the dishwasher is in operation and the water is hot however, once the cycle is finished and the water goes cold they solidify and stick to the inside of the pipes. Of course until the water is hot again and they then come out to play. Over a 9 year period that is a lot of sludge floating around. So you need to put a cleaner/descaler (as many are designed for both washing machines and dishwashers and are often marketed this way) or if you prefer seek out a dishwasher cleaner such as Finish or Fairy. Personally as already mentioned we use Oust because it will work in both - 1 box two sachets one for each but your appliance your choice. Changing the filters didn't work because the particles are small enough to pass through it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's helpful Ian, thank you. We'll give it a go
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