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Our Hotpoint SDW 60 PC /LS08_EVO3C makes a strange rattily

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Our Hotpoint SDW 60 PC /LS08_EVO3C makes a strange rattily noise when pumping water off. - I have two questions: can you tell how old this model is? (we bought the machine with the house two years ago). Would you recommend to repair such a machine? I have opened the back part and can see what looks like an porcelain-socket with traces of burns. The machine still worked seemingly ok but the sound it makes is not very promising.
Thank you for answering.
As to the noise its either the pump itself at fault or the pump has something in which to be honest is usually the case if you have this noise.
For this you need to remove the right hand side panel and there you will see the drain pump at the bottom. It will have the grey drain hose going to it. Remove the pump from the chamber and if theres something blocked in there you will see it and be able to clear it from there.
But if that's all clear then the pump itself will need to be replace.
Now price wise the pump is about £20-30 for the part only. But if you need someone to do it for you then you can add another £50 on top for labour so roughly about £80 for a pump fitted.
As to the age if you look at the sticker on the side of the door there will be a serial number on there. It may say s/n next to it. If you can post this I will tell you how old the dishwasher is from there.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the answer.Here is the requested number to find out the age of the appliance: S/N###-##-####You find attached the pic of the described black spot on the el socket. Could this be a cause of problem?
Thanks for that. This dishwasher was made in June 2006 so just under 10 years old it is.
As to the picture the part that's burnt out is the heater. The heater will fail sooner rather then later and the wiring block will need to be replaced.
Now the bad news is this wont have nothing to do with the noise as that's just a heater cylinder so that doesn't make no noise at all.
Im afraid its still as above with the pump but also the heater will need to be replaced. Now these are around the £50 mark roughly so on a 10 year old dishwasher its getting expensive to fix so personally I probberly wont send that much money fixing it as you are half way there towards a brand new one which to be honest does better washes now a days and uses less energy then older ones.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Your answer is very helpful and simply confirms that opting for something new is probably the best way out. Thank you and have a good night.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This morning I was able to find a tooth pick causing the rattily noise together with the water pump, fixed that put the machine on the go and, o wonder, seemed to work at least for ten minutes. Then we heard a shot and the fuse went. Thought might be some water that has infiltrated some electrical part and the spark might have dried it since the machine continued it's program. Minutes later a second shot, a third shot and now I give up on that thing. I trust blindly your "prophecy" has become true sooner than expected. This is simply to confirm how accurately you diagnosed my problem. Thanks once again.