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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
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We moved house recently and have had problems with the washer dryer ever since My aeg lava

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We moved house recently and have had problems with the washer dryer ever since My aeg lavamat has code EDO then ef3. We tipped it forward to remove excess water but when we started the error code EFO returned. Water came out from under the machine , the water is now just dribbling out of the filter so I may have been mistaken about it coming from underneath.The pump is staying on even when the dial is at 0 . Appliance no.91460212201
Hello, my name is George..
The EF Series of alarms all relate to drainage problems and water systems problems
The EF0 is a group error code, Since you say that you have smelly water is it likely that one of the following is happening:
1. The spigot connection for the drain hose is closed
2. There is a blockage in the drain hose
3. The pump is defective
EF3 is an error code alighting you to the fact that there is water in the base and the safety system has been triggered, or the water control system has become defective.
If there is water in the base, tilt the appliance to the rear at a 60 deg angle to disperse any fluids then check in the base to see if you can find the source of the leak.
Look around the pump area since you are having error codes that are also relating to such.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok I will tilt the machine and have a look underneath for anything obvious. How do I check the drain hose to see if it's blocked ? How do I find out if the sprightly connection is closed and what do I do if it is ?
To check the spigot, disconnect the hose, undo the connection that it was attached to (If not directly drained), check inside to ensure that a STOP has no been paced into it and that water can pass through without restriction.
If the spigot has a STOP placed into it, then remove it.
To check the drain hose simply disconnect it from the pump and place that end into a bowl/bucket, then pass water from the other end to see if it fills the container and how fast the flow is.
Also check the filter for debris at the same time, and ensure the impeller of the pump can rotate.
Once this is done and the hose is place back onto the pump... Fill the drum with a little water and allow it to pump into the bucket so that you can check the speed of the flow...
Also, if the water is dribbling out of the filter, check to ensure that it is no entering the base from that source.. If it is, try seal the leak from the filter.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Water is dripping out from underneath but it's not obvious where it's coming from without taking the bottom off. There is no STOP on the sprigott under the sink if that's what you meant. I cannot see any obviously way to disconnect the drain hose from the machine. I think there maybe a problem with a blockage though as there was a lots of black smelly silt in the sprigot end of the drain hose t . I don't think this is going to be simple enough for me to do myself .unless you have any more easy clear instructions ?
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To investigate the problem further you will require the following tools..
1 x Pozi-drive screwdriver
1 x 8mm nut-driver or long-reach socket
Small flat-head screwdriver
Let me know when you have these and I shall talk you through it as best as I can..