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I have a fairly old built-in Siemens Quantumspeed Combi

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Hi, I have a fairly old built-in Siemens Quantumspeed Combi oven/microwave (HB86Q560B). It matches my oven underneath so I don't want to replace it! It stopped turning on properly and when Siemens engineer came, he said the repair would exceed more than the pre-paid repair limit (£350). When my electrician had a look he tried to turn it on and it briefly started up but then there was an almighty bang, blew all our fuses! So we disconnected it.. is there any hope it can be fixed?
Im taking it the appliance needs new electronics in there?
Did the engineer also say it needed other parts as sometimes you can get a part that fails and causes the control board to blow.
Also when they said it went over the insurance limit did they not give you a price for the work if you wanted to pay for it yourself?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My husband just gave me some more detailed facts.. if we had signed up to the Siemens annual insurance going forward it would have been £150.00 per annum. However when their engineer came out and had a look they decided they didn't like the look of the repair (!) but we also then didn't have to pay the premium. No specific price for the work was quoted. When our own electrician took off the fascia and briefly got it started, there was a big flash/blue spark and a bang, so he disconnected it. And that is as much as we know really.. as I recall before it blew up, the microwave would come on for a second or two and then fail, so I guess that could fit with your suggestion of another part failing?
Ok I know what insurance they would have signed you up for as it would have been through Domestic and General and with them theres a limit what they pay up to. Even if it goes a pound over they wont fix it as ive had that problem myself.
So the fault the engineer would have found will more then likely be the control units as theres a few in there. Now as it went bang theres a change something could have caused it to blow so you will also need to find the cause of that as well.
Now this wont be a cheap fix as the cost went over the limit for Domestic and General and they get discount on that as well were as customers normally pay more in labour and spares from them.
Now with you asking can it be repaired the answer is yes as all the spares are still available for it. But its weather its worth it as you will be looking at around the £400 minimum roughly for all spares and labour as it went straight over there limit so it will be an expensive repair.
So if you did want it repairing you need to either call a microwave engineer only engineer in as they have more chance of fixing it or give Siemens a ring and go as a private customer and pay the call out and labour and they will give you a full price on the repair for you to take it from there.
But as I said it will not be cheap but it can be fixed if you wanted it fixing.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi again, doesn't sound worth it really?! This model is about 10 years old and if it weren't for trying to match my old oven I'd just start from scratch! On ebay you can get hold of them for about £200 used but in good working order, no warranty though. Would you think this is a better bet, as any repair for my own one is probably a can of worms.
My one worry about purchasing anything that is 10 years old is that most appliances that age are probably nearing the end of their lives, the way things are made these days.
To be honest what you have said above is what I think myself.
For a microwave that age its not even worth spending that much money on it. Yes I have see the odd people that spend that much to repair it so it matches the rest but then you can end up with other faults as well or even worse the oven breaks down. So you spend that much to repair so it matches the oven and then that's gone as well.
Personally I would get a brand new one rather then £200 on a 10 year old one as you never know how long that will last as well.
That's one of the big problems we see with matching kicthens when one goes you think it will look out of place with a new one but to be honest if you keep to the same colour its not that bad once installed..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** and I am not going to throw good money after bad! On the basis of your expertise and experience I feel confident now that is the best course of action, and if the (also 10-years old) oven breaks down I can replace it to match my new microwave. Many thanks!