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I have a Hotpoint FFU3DXL fridge freezer. The problem is that the fridge is heating up

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Hi, I have a Hotpoint FFU3DXL fridge freezer. The problem is that the fridge is heating up intermittently. It works fine for a few days, then it warms up internally for a few days, and so on.
I have removed the back panel from the freezer compartment and can confirm that the evaporator is frost free, in fact I switched the power back on at this point and the first thing it did was heat the coil and go through a defrost cycle. The fridge was working before I did this, but I wanted to see if the evaporator fan would function. However I didn't stick around to see, as I was anxious about our frozen food sitting on the floor in the kitchen.
The compressor is now running, but I can't tell if any air is blowning into fridge.
I am an electrical engineer, and am competent at fixing my own appliances, however some help from an expert would be much appreciated. I don't wish to change every component in my fridge before it works properly again!! Cheers, Rob
If the evaporator is free from ice then the ice will be in the fan housing unit in there.
I see this fault a lot on these. As ice builds up around the fan and stops the fan from running and causes this fault.
What you need to do is empty the freezer again and remove the back panel.
Now on the other side of this you will see the fan in a ploystrine cover. Theres 4 screws holding this on.
2 At the top you will see with the white discs and 2 towards the bottom which is covered by the silver foil. Just feel for the screws and remove them and remove the top 2 screws as well. Don't worry about the discs as they just stay there.
Then remove the ploystrine cover from the plastic holder. You may need to break the tape all around the outer edge to get it out.
Once out you will see all the ice in there. You need to melt all the ice in there and make sure the fan is free.
Once clear refit the panels and refit back to freezer and retry it and that will cure this fault.
Try that and see how it goes as I see this fault a lot on these so I know that will be the cause of the problem here.
Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for the reply.
Before I go back into the freezer, I did check that the fan was free spinning, and it was. Having said that, the fridge was working before I did this. I don't doubt that this could be the problem, but is the ice melting and then reforming?
That's what will be happening as the ice will melt so the fan starts again so the fridge works and then it freezes again so it stops the cooling.
When this happens sometimes you hear a noise from the freezer as the fan hits the ice. Not always but you can do.
So check that when you can and im quite sure you will ice a block of ice in the ploystrine cover around the fan.
Most of the time we clear it and that's it but if it keeps happening then Hotpoint have made a stick on heater which sits around the fan so when it goes into defrost mode this comes on as well to melt any ice that's formed in there. But we only fit this if the fault keeps happening as most if the time its a one off problem.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Absolutely spot on mate, thank you!