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I have a potterton suprima 70L in a Y plan. The wiring diagram from Honeywell shows the

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Hi I have a potterton suprima 70L in a Y plan. The wiring diagram from Honeywell shows the SWL connected to terminal 10 in the junction box with a link to junction 8 in the box where of course the 3 port valve and cylinder lives connect.
But I can see that the SWL from the boiler is connected direct to terminal 8. Electrically this looks the same but is it ok ?
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to your queries - if 8 and 10 are linked then the voltage will be the same at both terminals - so yes thats OK ~ Ian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Ian. So just to check. The current setup has switched live from boiler connected to the orange wire from the 4073 and terminal 1 from the cylinder stat (I.e. Terminal 8). According to Honeywell wiring diagram SWL from the boiler should go to its own terminal (10) with a link from 8 to 10. Seems overly complex to me but I just want to be sure. The pump is currently on a separate mains feed and the reson I am doing all this is to put the pump to be controlled by the boiler
Im at home at the moment so dont have the Danfoss handbook with me. However if you link two wires together ie 8 & 10 then their voltage will be the same. So if you move the wire from 8 to 10 it wont make any difference as they are both operating off the same supply. If you want to do this so that its easier for you to follow then by all means do, just make sure you keep the link in place.
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