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I have a Remeha avanta plus 24C boiler which was working before

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I have a Remeha avanta plus 24C boiler which was working before the house was flooded a few weeks ago.As the boiler supply is connected to the only ring main in the house, we couldn't get the boiler working until the downstairs sockets were replaced by an electrician as we couldn't reset the RCD because of the water in the sockets. After power was restored, the boiler is not starting and is showing error codes F1.4 and P2.4. Now i have called in some engineers but failed to identify the specific fault.The room start wired from the Honeywell Smurfit unit won't light up either. Is this fault related to the Smartfit control unit or the boiler control. What the engineers are saying is a bit confusing: some suggest it is a fault with the ignition system, some think PCB is faulty and some even offered to replace the whole smartfit kit for £900 to get it working!Can you help ?
Hi, its definitely an electical issue. But if I was you I would try and establish if its the boiler or the controls. Disconnect the e tdrnal controls in the boiler wiring centre. There will be a connector for them next to the power,ie live ,neutral, earth wire. Then turn the boiler on and see if it still has those codes on the display.You could buy then put a link wire in the in external controls to see if the boiler runs normally.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Another observation I have made is the pressure gauge on the boiler was not working (the black dial doesn't move at all even when I am certain there is water in the system. I bought a new one and replaced it (just the gauge using the old tube ) but strangely enough that didn't work either.What could prevent the water pressure not reflecting on the gauge even when I am filling the system with the loop?
Hi , the tubes leading to the gauge may be blocked
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am not happy with the service so far: I paid for a phone call I never received. I lost the patience as I made it clear this was urgent and wanted it to be solved asap. So I have called in an engineer to come this morning. None of the advice given to me has been helpful. Can I please have a refund? Am not a satisfied customer
I didn't get the phone call request,and ,I disagree that my advice wasnt helpful . I gave a solution to determine whether the controls were the problem or the boiler itself. That was going to be a great starting point to Continue. However I wish you all the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You can't say you didn't receive the call request when it's there on the website: if someone didn't let you know then it's not my fault is it? So l am entitled for that refund: also wether you agree or not it's for me to say if l am satisfied or not and l am not: you arguing doesn't change my opinion about the service l got
All the best. If you contact customer services they will refund you .